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Startup Business Assistance
(Accept no substitutes)

There are many places you can go to find advice on starting your business, including agencies, development centers, service corps, colleges and universities. There are many people, with good intentions, who will work with you for free, including consultants, counselors and students. Yes, these are your tax dollars at work. However, the bottom line for the success or failure of your startup business may be defined in one phrase: entrepreneurial experience.

They have none.

Before you risk the future of your business, your happiness and your money, ask those who wish to advise you about their level of experience in starting, owning, and operating a successful business.

When they have none, don't waste your time or gamble the success of your business with people who have not been there, done that, and have the expertise to guide you through the process to produce the results you deserve.

Remember, none of these groups have any certifying process, whatsoever, for competency of those who provide services and it's impossible for any of them to be fired, no matter how harmful the advice given you because they have absolutely no accountability.

Before you seek anyone's assistance, ask the question: "Have you ever started, owned or operated a successful business?" When the answer is "no," ask the question: "Who can you recommend with experience in starting, owning or operating a successful business?" If they make up some cockamamie reason or excuse that they can't or won't refer you to someone with entrepreneurial business ownership experience, leave.

Avoid being misled by good intentions, academic degrees, university sponsorships, government partnerships or the mumbo-jumbo of who or what are their funding sources and how they qualify to be giving you business advice or their many years of senior executive management positions.

Remember, every recession in the United States was caused by these very same senior management executives!

Also, be aware that there are tax subsidized small business development groups regretfully having a primary purpose of providing employment to their directors, associate directors, administrators, staff, counselors and seminar leaders, not as giving you advice you can use for your business.

Don't be fooled by the statistics from any of the government subsidized agencies on number of startup businesses they claim they've worked with. They count you (and everyone else who just walks through their door or visits their websites) regardless of whether they gave any meaningful information or not.

When you have the courage to start a business, have the smarts to seek only those with the entrepreneurial experience it takes to make a business, any business and especially your business a success.

Accept no substitutes. Seek resultants not consultants, counselors or students

In Houston, call C. Dean Kring, Director of Research at (713) 932-7495 to find experience and learn how business incubators with an exclusive Entrepreneurial Development Program, tailored development methodology, advisory board, mentor and professional development coach to accelerate business growth.

"Your efforts have assisted me in gaining the basic skills needed to get my business off the ground and on its way to continued success. I doubt such an achievement would have been possible without said assistance."
John Valenzano, Owner, HardLight Media.

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