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How to Start a Business
"Starting a business is easy. Having it grow and prosper, ah . . . not so easy."
C. Dean Kring - Director of Research
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There are many ways to start a business. Here's the way we recommend. It's called the "Business Overview." It's quicker and easier than the business plan, yet still outlines the essentials while avoiding "business plan paralysis" which keeps a goodly number of great ideas from ever getting started.

Proceed at your own RISK. (Pun intended.)

#1. Start with a MISSION STATEMENT. This describes the business. What you do. Why it's done. What makes your business unique. Clue: Is it something better, cheaper, faster? Why a customer/client wants to do business with you. The benefit to the consumer. Your statement becomes a guide for the direction and decisions you make regarding your business and the future of your company. Clue: Avoid general statements like "We give good service." Instead, use specific statements like "We train our staff in the latest customer service methods."

#2. Follow with a STATEMENT OF PURPOSE. This describes your vision; in essence, a description of your business when it has reached its full potential. Project a time 5 years into the future.Include things like revenue, number of staff or personnel, location of office(s), activities, reputation, recognition, plus your lifestyle, perks, benefits and outside interests. Don't hold back. Be willing to dream.

#3. Follow with a POSITION REVIEW. Where you are with your business idea at this moment in time. Include things like how much money you have to start your business; how much money you will have available each month to invest in your business until it starts making a profit; the source of future capital: friends, relatives, loans, investors. What you see as the next step(s) in the development of your business. How you plan to accomplish the next step(s). Clue: What assistance are you likely to need for your business?

#4. Follow with a BIOGRAPHY of yourself and partners, if any. Include particulars about experience relating to your business and any talents, skills and attributes you have that you may not be using. Be willing to be immodest, List your strengths and weaknesses. Clue: Include areas where you think you might need assistance in owning and operating a business.

When you have completed these four steps, do one of the following:

#1.  Transmit your OVERVIEW to us at Client Relations. We'll give you an appraisal based on our many years of experience with early stage business owners and ideas. Our fee is $250.00 and we'll report back to you within 10 business days. (Or within 24 hours for $500.00.) For foreign based companies the fee is $600.00 (U.S. funds). Pay here.

#1a.  There are a limited number of time slots for a face-to-face Advisory Board Presentation with the incubator Advisory Board.  For a fee of $500.00 you spend 20 minutes of discussion with the Advisory Board and receive written feedback after the presentation. PLEASE NOTE:   Advisory Board presentations are only conducted evenings, 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m., the second Wednesday of each month in Houston, Texas.  To appear before the Advisory Board, we must have your OVERVIEW  before 12 noon of the Friday before the second Wednesday so that it can be transmitted to and reviewed by the Advisors prior to your presentation. Should you not be in Houston, the presentation can be conducted by conference call via Skype. Pay here.

#1b. You may schedule planning and development time one-on-one with our Director of Research.  This is a highly focused one hour session for in-depth discussion of  your business idea and strategy. The fee is $500.00. Pay here.

"All that I expected and more." Gilbert Del Castillo, M.D.

For the serious entrepreneur, the best investment is the complete package including the OVERVIEW appraisal, Advisory Board Presentation and the planning and development session with the Director of Research for a fee of $1,500.00. Pay here.

#2. Email our Director of Research or call 713 932-7495 to discuss the possibility of enrolling in our Online Entrepreneurial Development Incubator Program.

You can pay by check to SCA - 9517 Long Point Road,   Houston, Texas 77055-4266 ATTENTION: OVERVIEW. Or by credit card as follows:

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"We grow companies. May we assist with yours?"

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