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"Starting a business is easy. Having it grow and prosper, ah . . . not so easy."
C. Dean Kring - Director of Research (1989)



That was my quote and was certainly the case just a few short years ago, when more than 95% of business starts had failed by the third year - 80% in the first year alone.

Then the industry of "business incubation" was created, with a corresponding business development methodology that reversed the failure rate - more than 90% of businesses started with the assistance of a business incubator are still in business past the third year.

The real beauty of the development methodology is that you don't have to be physically located in the business incubator. In fact, your business can be located virtually anywhere.

You can use this methodology and follow a few, simple rules to have a successful business almost overnight!

To prove this, I'm willing to work with you to guide you through the development methodology for your business and I'll share the risk.

To show you my sincerity, I'm going to give you the simple rules for having a successful business, absolutely free! If they make sense to you and you want me to continue, you can signup at the end of this page.

Rule #1 - "The customer is always right." Offer a money back guarantee and honor it.
Rule #2 - "Don't promise anything you can't deliver." If you can't do it, don't say you can.
Rule #3 - "Let your customers know you appreciate their business." Stay in contact with the people who have bought from you. Even if they have no further need of you, they'll refer you to people who do.

If you want to know more about me and my successes before you try my program, go here C. Dean Kring and here some past clients. If you still want more, check me out with the BBB, the Houston District Attorney, Texas Attorney General or the Secretary of State.

My fee is sliding scale. Connect with me on Skype (ID is dean.kring) or send me an email and we'll see if I am right for you.

To learn more, go here: Virtual Startup Business.


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