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Follow four simple rules:
1. Show up
If you don't go, you can't play.
2. Bring business cards
Go without your shoes before you go without your business cards.
3. Meet people
Walk up to perfect strangers, smile and introduce yourself:
What to say:
"Hello. My name is ________."
What to say next:
"What is it you do?"

4. Follow up
The meeting is not over until the follow-up is done.
5. Productive Networking Guide
6. Memorable Self Introduction Guide
7. Notes On Networking Guide

Internet and the WWW:
In this age of cyberspace and E-commerce, if you don't have a website, and an E-mail address at "your company name.com" you're living under a rock. While you can spend upwards of literally hundreds of thousands, just a modest expenditure will get you the presence on the world wide web necessary to add to your company's credibility, plus, provide you with an additional avenue for customers. After the website is constructed, have it optimized so your site shows up higher in the search engine rankings.
Need a quick web page?
We recommend: Quick Web Page

For faster growth:
See if you qualify for funding.
Funding Guide

See if you qualify for a business incubator program.
We recommend: The Virtual Business Center
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Business Cards:
Keep them standard size of 2" x 3.5"
Include your:
1. Name
2. Title
3. Mailing Address
4. Company
5. Telephone number
6. Fax number
7. E-mail address
8. Web URL
9. Your logo
10. Your slogan

Some pluses:

11. Use color
12. Your picture
13. Print both sides
For headshots, we recommend:
Yyonne A. Ybarra Photography
Make your own:
1. Invest in a color printer.
We recommend: Canon
2. Obtain business card blanks from your local business supply store. Use blanks that have a template, instructions of card layout or a website to provide same.
We recommend: AVERY 8879
Example business card

Know. Don't guess:
Determining Hourly Rate Guide
Projecting Cash Flow Video
Need a bookkeeper?

We recommend: Filling The Gaps
Need a tax advisor?
We recommend: BMW Financial Group

Networking Groups:
Pick one that meets weekly, preferably in the mornings, and provides professional development while teaching small business ownership and management skills in addition to supplying leads and contacts.
We recommend:
Houston CrossRoad$ Professional Development Breakfast
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Make it a habit.
1. Put your contacts in a database
We recommend: ACT!
2. Make the first follow-up before your head hits the pillow
Means of initial follow-up:
1. Phone
2. Fax
3. E-mail
<===We recommend.
4. Note or card
5. Letter
What to say:
"What a pleasure meeting you. I look forward to seeing you again and finding out more about you."
Means of on-going follow-up:
1. E-Newsletters
2. Articles
3. Clippings
4. Fax-Newsletters
5. Invitations to groups of mutual interest.
6. In person with breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, happy hour, etc.
Effective Follow-Up Video

Need direction with a business / career development coach or mentor?
We recommend: C. Dean Kring
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Who is this masked man?

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