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We're NOT consultants, counselors, interns or students.

We prove we know what we're doing because we're willing to share the risk in the way we earn our fees. Past incidental use, administrative and enrollment fees, our business incubators receive a modest 5% royalty in the growth of our client companies and we bring virtually any resource to the client business in addition to our extensive experience in growing companies.

Our ideal clients are people with good ideas and who are capable, committed and coachable. They have a high level of personal integrity, a strong work ethic and are dedicated to financial independence through application of their own skills, talents and wits in a free enterprise economy. They have identified a niche market in a trend industry that offers the potential for significant growth in a 3 to 5 year term.

We're not subsidized by the government and we don't answer to some faceless bureaucrat. Our incubators are operated as businesses and, after 35 years, we're still in business because we're short on promises and long on delivery. We're the first incubator in Houston and the oldest incubator in Texas. That didn't happen by accident. Nor was it an accident that we founded the first Womens Business Center in the nation. And that our client companies have won virtually every award in Houston for growth is another testimony to our skills.

An exclusive Entrepreneurial Development Program, tailored development methodology, advisory board, mentor and professional development coach will produce the results you want.

We're the resultants to round out your business idea and we offer you 4 easy choices to begin.

1) Call C. Dean Kring, Director of Research at (713) 932-7495 when you're ready to get the ball rolling in making your dreams a reality or 2) connect on Skype for a face-to-face or 3) join us for a Business Building Breakfast any Wednesday morning or 4) get started with the Entrepreneurial Assessment.

The Entrepreneurial Development Program is a service mark of Services Cooperative Association.

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