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With a private practice spanning more than a third of a century, there is simply too much information for us to continue to post articles on our web site.
The reader is encourage to enter any of a number of keywords into a search engine or web browser for further data:
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We've included just a few of our highlights.

    1983  Founded the nation's first business and professional cooperative for entrepreneurial education and conclusively demonstrated to academia
    that entrepreneurship could be taught.

     1984  Sent delegates to the Texas State Entrepreneurship Education Conference where one was appointed coordinator for the
    Greater Houston Area Entrepreneurship Education Steering  Committee.

    1985  Founded the first small business incubator in Houston, the Entrepreneurial Development Center (EDC), which houses start-up
    and emerging companies. The EDC became Texas' oldest business incubator.

    1986   Sent delegates to the White House Conference on Small Business where one was elected Vice Chairman of the Texas Delegation and another
     was co-author of a resolution that became law.

    1987   Received a Mayoral Proclamation for graduating Houston’s first company from a business incubator.

    1988   Sponsored the "First Houston Entrepreneurship Awards" for organizations fostering small business growth in Houston and became
     the first Charter Incubator of the Texas Business Incubator Association.

    1989   Sponsored the “First Houston Small Business Seed Capital Fund” to provide financial assistance to startup and early development stage companies.

    1990    Founded the Womens Business Center (WBC), the nation’s first incubator for women.

    1991   Founded the Software Business Center (SBC), the first business incubator for software developers and computer-related companies

                and formed the Incubator Self-Sufficiency Group (ISSG), an economic development service bureau for incubator managers and developers.

    1992    Founded the Product Development Center (PDC), a business incubator for inventors, investors, new  product
                 commercialization and technology transfer.

    1993    Founded the International Business Center (IBC), the first business incubator for international  services.

    1994    Sponsored the first "Tribute to Houston's Entrepreneurial Community" recognizing outstanding entrepreneurial leadership in Houston and created
                the nation's first Certified Business Incubators for the Texas Business Incubator Association in the "Beta Project for Certification, Efficiency
                and Curriculum Development."

    1995   Houston host incubator for the U.S. Information Agency - Institute of International Education International Visitors Program and
     recognized "Houston - Emerging Business Capital of the World!"

    1996    Received a Mayoral Proclamation for sponsoring "Entrepreneurial Community Tribute Day, July 3, 1996," sent delegates to the
     Texas Governor's Conference on Small Business where one was co-author of a resolution for legislation to prohibit public/private competition.

    1997    Created the "Building Your American Dream" educational program for business owners, founded the Health-Medical Enterprise Center (H/MEC),
      a business incubator for health-care product and services.

    1998    Received a Certificate of Recognition from Houston City Council for the “15th Annual Houston Business Breakfast” bringing
      together the diversity of the Houston Community.

    1999    Received a Mayoral proclamation signifying July 7, 1999, as “Services Cooperative Association Emerging Business Day.”

    2000    Recognized by the National Business Incubation Association as “An industry leader and pioneer in business incubation”
      and “One of Houston’s Core Entrepreneurial Groups” by the University of Houston-Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

    2001    Received the "Gold Star Award” from the Greater Houston Area Better Business Bureau, nominated for the Annual Innovation Award
      by the NBIA and received a Mayoral proclamation “July 3, 2001 as Services Cooperative Association Day.

    2002   Created the “Small Business Hospitality Program” to assist small business owners from other countries in
     acclimating to the Houston business   environment.

    2003    Celebrated 20 years as “Houston’s Emerging Business CrossRoads” with national recognition and sponsored the
      First Annual “Holiday Gift Exchange” for the Houston Networking Group Federation.

    2004    Received a Mayoral Proclamation for sponsoring “Houston Heroes Day” recognizing organizations empowering
      Houston emerging business owners.

    2005    Sponsored the 16th Annual Entrepreneurial Workshop “Entrepreneurial Excellence” recognizing Houston’s entrepreneurial independence.

    2006    Invited by the People's Republic of China to speak at the formation of the Women Entrepreneurs Association in China. (declined)

    2007    Sponsored the online Women’s Business Assistance Forum by and for women business owners.

    2008    Commenced the process to make small business certification more expedient and presented a certificate of appreciation
               by Texas Governor Rick Perry.

    2009    Commenced Start A Business Mall on the World Wide Web and Open 24/7 in Houston.

    2010    Commenced Women Entrepreneurs Unite World and presented a certificate of appreciation
                by the United States Small Business Administration.

    2011    Commenced Master Mind Focus Groups for women business owners and resurrected Houston Proud.            

    2012    Exceeded 3,000,000 annual hits on the website.

    2013    Commenced  Save The Dome Project as a Residency Business Incubator and presented a certificate of appreciation
               by Texas Governor Rick Perry.

    2014    Mayor Annise Parker proclaims January 8th as “SCA’s 31st Annual Economic Forecast Day.”

    2015    Commenced Cooperative Office Building Project.

    2016    Mayor Sylvester Turner proclaims January 6th as “SCA’s 33rd Annual Economic Forecast Day”

    2017    Recognition that Co-Op Associate Companies have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston, some
      nationally and some even internationally.

    2018    Ranked “The #1 New Business Development Group In Houston” by Houston Proud and presented a certificate of appreciation
               by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

    2019    Mayor Sylvester Turner proclaims March 14th as Services Cooperative Association 36 Years of Service Day.

All SCA accomplishments have been completed totally without grants, gifts, donations or public funding!

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