Services Cooperative Association

Serving as Houston's Crossroads since 1983
and sponsor to Houston's first and
Texas' oldest business incubators and the first Womens Business Center in the nation!

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A self-funded, Texas chartered, not-for-profit, educational, business and professional development cooperative association crosssky1.gif (27091 bytes)

SCA Past Speakers

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Speaker Topic
John Brejot
Little League Lessons
for Big League Leaders
Cal Allen
Freedom Builders, Texas
Touchdowns, Field Goals or Safeties
Barry L. Meade
CPA's and Your Business
Bill Howard
Howard Training Consultants
TACTICS for your Referral Strategy
Scott Allen
Online Business Networking
Chicken and Egg: How to Build
a Great Reputation from Scratch
Vickie Manies
Banco Popular
The 5 C's of Credit
Albert Daniels, Jr.
Enterpride Assets, Inc.
From Cash to Cashless
Ken Dwight
The Teleprocessors, Inc.
Virus Aware: What Every
Computer User Needs to Know
Oscar Gutierrez
World Financial Group
Financial Roadmapping
Joe Wolf
Wolf Networking
Protecting Your Business-Critical Data
Brian Rodgers
Developing a Healthy Lifestyle
Mike Pereira
4P Enterprises
Alternative Funding Options:
Cash Flow Solutions
Connie Lynn West
Healing Practitioner
The Benefits of Healing Touch
Jesse Black
Information Technology
Avoiding Computer Gotchas
Frank Metlock
Houston Fire Department
CPR is Important to You
Marc Levinson
Neighborhood Centers, Inc.
Making the Business Model
Work in the Non-Profit Arena
Brad Gammell
Attorney at Law
The Top 10 Reasons
Not to Have aWill
Donna Willis
Christmas Connections
Seeing Beyond the Tinsel:
Economic Rewards of
Holiday Decorating
Don Hohensee
It Won't Sell Itself
Jeri Villarreal
eDoc Solutions
Making Written Words Communicate
Michele Stanton
Certified Public Accountant
Identify Theft
LaQuishe Wright
Designing Websites That Sell
Darcey Baron
Women's Business
Enterprise Alliance
Support Resources and Certification
for Women Business Owners
Michelle Nichols
BusinessWeek Online
Savvy Selling: How to be More
Savvy When You're Selling
Craig Klein
Building a Lean, Mean,
Selling Machine
Theresa Westcott
Professional Speaker
Increasing Productivity
in Younger Employees
John Valenzano
HardLight Media
Maximizing Your Web Presence
Peter Sperling
Legal Guide Publishers
Divorce Houston Style
Jodi Nordman
University of Phoenix
The Future of Higher Education Online
Aleithia Artemis
Top Notch Training
Top 10 Reasons Your Pet Misbehaves
Sylvester Neely
Unique Financial Concepts
Alternative to Bank Financing
Marla Regan
Organized Time
How to Organize Business Cards
Emlyn Norman
Texas Southern University
Houston's Economic Outlook
Paul Bettencourt
Harris County Tax
Smart Government
Bob Lemer
Citizens for Public
City of Houston Budget Crisis
Impact Upon Emerging Businesses
and What Can be Done
Tracy Mathews
Mathews Electrical
Maintenance Services
Electrical Safety
Dirk Cummins
Celtic Funding Services
Getting Your Business
in Shape for 2003
Twyla Beaulieu
Protecting Your Home
Dr. Ted Bartnett
Dr. Allergy
How to Get Rid of Chronic Fatigue
Mike Cummins
Celtic Funding Services
Credit Accuracy and Monitoring
Rick Goltz
Forever Fit
Making Fitness a Part
of Your Business Life
Misti Collier
Northwestern Mutual
Financial Network
Helping People Take
the IF Out of Life!!
Armen Babajanian
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
of Southeast Texas
The Magic of Big
Brothers/Big Sisters
Hanifa Haji
YouthQuest Institute
What's Luck Got to Do with It?
Reardon Smith
Business Vectors Inc.
It's Not What You Say...
Lisa Pfau
Natural Alternatives
Your Choices for Better Health
Bryon Behrens
Behrens, Lawrence
& Associates
Protecting and Preserving Your Wealth
Curtis Brown
American Express
Financial Advisors
Finance 101: What They
Forgot to Tell You
John Caldyne
Caldyne Sales & Service
Understanding Your Jewelry
Patricia Evans
Delta Consulting Services
September 11 - A Year Later!
Omar Higgs
NewLeaf Software
and Business Solutions
Customer Relationship Management
David Webb
Rope Access Group
Use Your Head
Riyad Abu-Taha
Freelance Media Group
The Art of Networking &
the Art of Communication
Dick Huiras
Huiras & Associates
International Training
What is and How Do I Use A Coach?
Jingo Ozawa
Jetro Houston
Techno Business Forum in Japan
Edward Burdzinski
Walter Burdzinski
& Company, P.C.
Do We Really Need
All That Legaleaze?
Jenny Sharrer
Leadership for the 21st Century
Kent Edwards
PRISM Consulting
Human Resource Audits:
Can You Afford NOT to Have One?
Timothy A. Quinn
Scott H. Belshaw
& Associates
Protecting Your Business
13th Annual
Neil Polansky
Director, City of Houston
One Stop Business Assistance Center

Bill Sherrill
University of Houston
Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Dr. Marty Bressler
Houston Baptist University
College of Entrepreneurship

Keith Sparks
Texas Southern University

Entrepreneurship and Development

Mark Kerzner
SHMSoft, Inc.
How to Awaken the
Creative Genius in You
Reardon Smith
Business Vectors, Inc.
Successful Proposals
Esther Gausepohl
Radiant Health
Proper Nutrition: Putting the
ESSENTIAL in Essential Fatty Acids
Rebecca Perez
Keller Williams
Home Sale Trends in the
Real Estate Industry
Rachel Perez
AFLAC - Without It,
No Insurance is Complete
Craig Fecel, Sr.
UBS Paine Webber
Adult Interaction is a Conscious Skill
Brent Page
Get Pampered
The Benefits of Massage Therapy
Christy Hitchens
MasterWorks Consulting
Ethics or Profits:
Do You Have to Choose?
Curt Marsolek
CJM & Associates
The New Art of Hiring Smart
Jenny Sharrer
Team Coach
Goal Setting for Winning Teams
Bert Jukes
The Best of
Health America
Dreamers Move Mountains
Crissy Rivera
Sterling Bank
How Banks Help Your
Business with SBA Loans
Ed Ryland
Ryland Enterprise, Inc.
Trends in Commercial Real Estate
with Small Business Impact
Jeff Arnim
Communications - Understand It
Before You Buy It
Robert Froggé
Media Renovation
How the Media and the Internet
Can Boost Your Business
Daniel Jason
Timedancer Press
The Darkside of Marketing
Janie Wood
Mpower Communications
Going from 2-100 Employees
Overnight with the Internet
Pamela Hosch
Debt Resolution of Texas
Financial Freedom
Rick Tolliver
Big Dot 1
Using the New eCard to
Increase Your Bottom Line

Back On Track
Preventing Work Related Injuries
Martin Pike
Custom Clothier
Casual or Business Casual:
Do You Know the Difference?
D. Craig Fecel Sr.
UBS Paine Webber
Investment Cycle Strategy
Vanessa Langley
Quality Publishing
Print Advertising: Is It Right for You?
Barry Klein
Houston Property
Rights Association
How Government Reduces
Your Busines Prospects and
What's to be Done
Dr. Martin

Houston Bapstist
Creating the Next
Generation of Entrepreneurs
Patrick Ryan
Make Your Business Unstoppable
with Online Markets
Paul Bettencourt
Harris County Tax
Taking the Tax Office into 2002
Robert Massa
MBM Advisors, Inc.
Creative Retirement Plan Designs
Beth Straub
Round Rock Solutions
Who Ya Gonna Call?
When Your Computer
Gives up the Ghost
Mae H. Robert
Union Planters Bank
Building a Banking Relationship
Robert Cahill
Ken Scott Communications
Benefit of Public Relations
Joe Peraino, Ph.D.
Productivity Coach
Leading with Wisdom
James Havens
HaveNeT-WorK, Inc.
Protecting Against Computer Viruses
Hiett Ives
The Ives Group
Getting the Most from Trade Shows
John Runge
Compass Bank
How to Pre-Qualify for SBA Loans
Bruce Tatro
Houston City Council,
District A
Why Houston Isn't Scary for Business
Debbie Ortiz
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
of Greater Houston
The Magic of Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Tom Schilling
Schilling & Associates
Your Impact on Employer
Health Insurance Premiums
Oscar Rivas
Linda Christas
College Fund
Preparing Kids for College
Vernon Couch, Jr.
Southwest Communications
New Technologies
in Telephone Networks
Jenna Wayne
Maximizing Performance
Ola Joseph
Riverbank Seminars
The 3 Nuggets of Platform
Power in Public Speaking
James Dixon
Dixon Financial Services
Life Settlements: Putting "Life"
into Life Insurance
Kyle Searle
Freeman Exhibit
Tradeshow Displays That Sell
Dirk Cummins
Celtic Funding
Cash Flow and Your Business
Susan Hult
Houston Community
Leading Your Team

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