Thank you for serving on the Advisory Board of Texas' oldest business incubator, a self-funded, independent research facility for economic development via accelerated growth of our client companies. Your contribution of time and expertise is most appreciated.

Attached are a few guidelines to make your participation beneficial to our client companies and professionally rewarding for yourself.

I.  Your commitment, unless stipulated otherwise, is for one Advisory Board meeting, the second Wednesday of any month, connection via Skype, from approximately 6:00 p.m. until approximately 9:30 p.m.  Please mark your calendar accordingly or inform your secretary or administrative assistant of this commitment.

II.  An Advisory Board information file will be available to you via email or drop box on the Monday preceding the Advisory Board meeting. The file contains a summary of the marketing, operations and administrative activities and a complete set of financial statements of the incubator client companies you will be advising. Please take the appropriate time to review these summaries. This data is for you only. Please do not share with others. You may choose to make notes for questions/suggestions to the clients, as appropriate. The file will also contain the evening's agenda, scheduled Advisors, scheduled clients and, if any, confirmations of startup entrepreneurs and visitors, such as yourself, for the evening.

III.  In the event you do not receive your file by the Advisory Board meeting day, please call (713) 932-7495 x 11 and leave a message in the voice mailbox of the Center Manager, who will prepare a replacement file for you which will be sent by  email. In the event that you have not had opportunity to review the material for any particular client company prior to the presentation, please excuse yourself from that presentation. In the event that you must be late to the Advisory Board meeting, please call the Center Manager, who will inform the Chairman.

IV.  At the beginning of the meeting you will be asked to introduce yourself. Please make your introduction brief. Let people know who you are and what you do. Avoid humorous or witty remarks. You are encouraged to review the links of other Advisors at and you may choose to speak with Advisors at other times about their business or yours or their business needs or yours. Business from client companies may be referred to you via the client's Mentors. You may also accept business directly from client companies or Advisors after you refer any such inquiries to the Advisory Board Chairperson so that all are informed of the relationship and any future business conducted.

V.   During Advisory Board meetings your comments are encouraged, with the following suggestions:
A.  Make every statement positive or don't make it. These are our clients, who have engaged us for guidance. Please don't criticize, under any circumstances.
B.  Defer to the Chairman.
C.  Respect the time allocation.
D.  Use the Advisory Comment forms (available via the file sent you) during the meeting to make hard copy of your suggestions. Please do not be lavish with praise. To avoid it altogether is acceptable.
E.  In the event that you may differ with the suggestion, advice or opinion of another Advisor, please do not attack or belittle same. Preface your comment with: "Another point of view might be . . ." 
F.  Refrain from any side bar conversations with other Advisors during presentations.
G.  Keep your comments brief and specific to the item, issue or topic being discussed.

VI.  Please send a current photo, business cards, email address and link to your website. This information will be given to other Advisors and the client companies and posted on the Advisor Board page site.

VII.  Professional attire suggested. You will be on camera via Skype.

VIII.  Check List:
___ Have scheduled appointment for second Wednesday.
___ Have signed and sent non-disclosure agreement.
___ Have reviewed client company data.
___ Have sent payment. Yes, we all have "skin in the game." You may make your payment here.

IX.   Contact information: (713) 932-7495 ext11 (Center Manager), (713) 932-7498 (fax), email:

X.    Current Advisors   Previous Advisors Call C. Dean Kring, Director of Research, should you have questions: (713) 932-7495. See a list of former clients here and endorsements here.

This Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement, hereinafter called "Agreement", is by and between ____________________________, hereinafter called "Advisor", and the Emerging Business Centers, Inc., and Clients of Center, hereinafter called "Center", subject to the terms and conditions contained herein.

This Agreement is obtained to permit the protection of certain information deemed confidential and vital to the success of Center.   Advisor understands that this information is sensitive and confidential and that disclosure thereof to others could be damaging and detrimental to Center.

The original research being conducted by Center, including, but not limited to, the development methodology, programs, the business operations of Center or Client(s) of Center and this Agreement between Center and Advisor shall remain the confidential, proprietary property of Center and will not be revealed to any third party, except as may be required by law.

It is recognized that certain information, methodology, programs, operations and procedures are unique and specific to Center and critical to the growth and success of Center.  Advisor recognizes the sensitivity, proprietary and confidential nature of this information, methodology, programs, operations and procedures.  Advisor agrees that this material will be held in strictest confidence and shall not at any time, or in any manner, be utilized by others to the detriment of Center.  Center retains exclusive rights to publish the results produced by the research being conducted by Center.

This Agreement is for a period of One Advisory Board meeting. At the end of this period, should Advisor and Center mutually agree to continue a relationship, it will be in accordance with the supplemental "Advisor Participation Agreement" or an adaptation thereof.

Agreed this ____________ day of _______________, 20__ __.