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Giving A Memorable Introduction
"your intromercial"*

Nothing can get you noticed better than a good self introduction.

Remember "K.I.S.S.S."  = Keep it short, simple, smile.

Start with an "attention getter." Give people a reason to remember you. The sooner, the better.

Follow with  "data." Something factual, to establish you as an expert within your particular industry.

Follow with "positioning." Your name, your title and your company name and what is unique about your product/service.

Follow with the "close."  A slogan and the call to action.

Here's an actual example of an award winning 30 second self-introduction intromercial: To listen, turn on your speakers and click the play button.


Starting a business is easy. Having it grow and prosper, ahhhh, not so easy." (attention getter)

"Just a few short years ago, 95% of all startup companies had failed before their third year; 80% in the first year alone." (data)

"How do I know these things? I'm C. Dean Kring, Director of Research, Services Cooperative Association, sponsor to Houston's first and Texas' oldest small business incubator." (positioning)

"See me after the meeting and I'll tell you how business incubators reverse the statistic of business failures and accelerate business growth. We grow companies and build careers. May we assist with yours?" (close)

More tips for your intromercial:

See if you can be first or last.

See if you can position yourself on the outer boundary of the room, preferably a corner, should one be available, so you can see the entire room, with no one at your back.

Avoid humor unless you are very, very, very good at it.

As you start your introduction, establish eye contact with someone close to you. As you continue, make eye contact with those progressively further away. The perfect ending is to be finishing your close and looking at the last person.

When you must follow someone who just gave a knockout introduction pause for just a moment and allow the room to settle, then start your introduction with: "Now that I have your attention." Do not start with: "That's a hard act to follow."

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15 Second Introduction

30 Second Introduction

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Services Cooperative Association conducts an annual "Best Introduction Contest" in conjunction with the "Houston Business Breakfast and Coming Year Economic Forecast" on the morning of December 31st. Finalists are selected the 7 weeks leading up to the event. To witness some truly memorable introductions, be sure to attend this event.

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