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Introduction Highlights

   Never has "you never get a second chance to make a first impression" more true than with your self-introduction.

   What you want to do, more than anything else, is emphasize what is unique about your product or service.

   You are to make maximum impact with minimum time and clearly state what makes your offering stand out from the competitors or why people should do business with you or why        you are the natural choice as a vendor.

   What you're saying, is important as is how you're saying it and remain aware of whom you're speaking to.

   Attend a CrossRoads Business Building Breakfast meeting and purchase any of the options below to get the maximum yield from any networking environment.

   1 taped session only $11.99.
   3 taped sessions only $17.99
   6 taped sessions (to monitor your progress) only $29.99. BEST VALUE!
   (Plus price of the meeting.)

   It's quick, simple and effective. Just prepay for one of the options above and call in your reservation telling us you want your self-introduction video taped and we'll be ready to video        your introduction.

To prepay, click here, and put "1, 3 or 6" in the comments field with "taping." (Remember to add the $25.00 cost of the meeting in your payment. 1 taping $11.99 + $25.00 = $36.99. 3 tapings $17.99 + $75 = $92.99. 6 tapings $29.99 + $132 = $179.99.)

Sorry, preparation costs prevent refunds, should you not attend.

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