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Self-Introduction Results

Even the most perfect introduction perfectly delivered will not produce leads or sales when you are in the wrong group.

While business networking, tips and leads clubs have become very popular, they frequently are not effective ways to promote your product or service, build relationships or make sales.

They may be great money-makers for the organizers, with a "good time had by all," however, they won't give you the results you're after.

Why? Reasons are numerous. Here are a few things to be aware of when assessing the effectiveness of a networking function:

1) There are no buyers there, only sellers. The group is comprised primarily of smaller companies and sole proprietors without the budget to take advantage of what you have to offer. This is particularly true of low cost or no cost events.

2) It's a social organization. Regardless of the spiffy name of the group or event, when it's comprised of the same faces time after time, the result is friendship not commerce.

3) It's after-hours and alcohol is served. These are the most popular events, replacements from the "happy hours" of years gone by and great places if you're looking for a date or just want to unwind. As a sales tool, forget it.

The best way to determine the quality of any group is to notice if others are making sales and, of course, that your own cash register is ringing from you being there.

When the group makes a production of collecting data on the effectiveness of the meeting you can generally accept that it has a primary purpose of commerce and not conversation.

Other good signs are when the group has various committees you can volunteer your time with, has guest speakers and stresses professionalism. These are additional ways to increase your exposure, let people become comfortable with you and develop professionally.

Attend a CrossRoads Business Building Breakfast meeting and purchase any of the options below to get the maximum yield from any networking environment.

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It's quick, simple and effective. Just prepay for one of the options above and call in your reservation telling us you want your self-introduction video taped and we'll be ready to video your introduction.

To prepay, click here,
and put "1, 3 or 6" in the comments field with "taping." (Remember to add the $25.00 cost of the meeting in your payment. 1 taping $11.99 + $25.00 = $36.99. 3 tapings $17.99 + $75 = $92.99. 6 tapings $29.99 + $150 = $179.99.)

Sorry, preparation costs prevent refunds, should you not attend.

For our online readers, we'll compose a 15, 30 or 45 second self introduction for you for $50, $75 or $100. Simply click on the link below to prepay, then call, email or come to the Center and we'll get started.

15 Second Introduction

30 Second Introduction

45 Second Introduction

Services Cooperative Association conducts an annual "Best Introduction Contest" in conjunction with the "Houston Business Breakfast and Coming Year Economic Forecast." Finalists are selected the 7 weeks leading up to the event. To witness some truly memorable introductions, be sure to attend this event.

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