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How to Start a Business Incubator
Incubator managers & directors come to us from around the globe for the sole purpose of having a self-sufficient business incubator that accelerates client growth.
(If this is not your intent, we recommend and endorse
the National Business Incubation Association.)

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Get the answers you need NOW!

Welcome to the most authoritative source on the net to have your questions
answered quickly regarding self-sufficient business incubation.

From funding, to site selection, to screening clients,
to creating client development programs, we're here for you!

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In the event you plan to start a business incubator,
have been given the task of rebooting a failing
incubator, managing a business incubator to
self-sufficiency, or revitalizing a blighted
commercial  area/district, you will save
significant time, money and energy

by having us guide you through
the processes.

We can work within your budget!

FACT #1: An effective business incubator provides the resources, environment and methodology to accelerate business growth.
FACT #2: A successful business incubator creates more revenue than it consumes.
FACT #3: More business incubators have ceased operations because the funding was withdrawn than all other reasons combined.
FACT #4: The available public funding for business incubators continues to decrease and this trend is not likely to change.
FACT #5: Virtual Business Incubation is expanding,  where incubator clients receive the benefits of a structured development program, mentor, business coach and advisory board, without the requirement (and expense) of physical office space.

Our mission is to have more incubators/accelerators created, become and remain self-sufficient.

We've operated our incubators quite successfully since 1983, completely without external funding. We are entirely self-sufficient. We teach our clients how to be that way, too, and our consulting services span the globe.

As history, we pioneered "hands-on" entrepreneurial development programs to accelerate business growth for entrepreneurs in emerging businesses by:
#1) the very precise design of a custom tailored development methodology exactly formulated for the unique resources, attributes and aptitude of the individual entrepreneur;
#2) an Advisory Board, Mentor and Professional Development Coach comprised of experienced business owners;
#3) replacement of the cumbersome business plan with the advanced Business Overview
#4) the convenient availability of virtually every resource the start-up business owner is likely to need in an environment conducive to rapid growth;
#5) a powerfully effective weekly Business Building Breakfast for professional development, leadership training and business expansion.

Our experience is that for those incubators that really can grow client companies outside funding is not required.

The Incubator Self-Sufficiency Group was created as a service bureau to the small business incubation industry for economic development corporations, communities, universities, consultants, career professionals and others interested in establishing or investing in small business incubators and for currently established incubators wishing to upgrade client development methodologies and become self-reliant.

The ISSG is the result of an independent research project commenced in 1977 to conclusively demonstrate that:
1) Incubators do not require public funding.
    A) A cooperative association of local business owners, for instance, is a powerful and expedient route to funding a business incubator while creating part of the training structure.
2) Incubators can be entirely self-sufficient.
    A) Incubators can utilize Assessment Fees to screen prospective clients, Enrollment, Program and Use Fees to cover costs and a modest Development Fee in the client companies to achieve self-sufficiency.
3) The hands-on business experience level of support personnel (mentors, guides, advisors, counselors) determines the success rate of the client companies.
    A) Avoid support personnel without successful hands-on business ownership experience.
4) Incubators actually accelerate business growth.
    A) Research underwritten by Services Cooperative Association.
    B) Research underwritten by The Kauffman Foundation.
5) Data compiled along the way:
  A) Startup companies spent $102,236,640,000 in 2006 (latest data available and we had to compile it). Breakdown by states is available by clicking here.
  B) Information on business incubators, click here.
  C) Important notes about the business incubation industry, click here.
  D) Valuable and inexpensive incubator guides, click here.

The ISSG was the first such in the nation to provide the comprehensive range of consulting services and technologies required for the diversity of the industry using no external financing.

The ISSG is sponsored by Services Cooperative Association, a not-for-profit, educational organization of business owners, and is responsible for the Texas Business Incubator Association's "Beta Project of Efficiency, Curriculum and Certification". The first certified business incubators in the nation were Texas business incubators via a program developed by the ISSG.

The ISSG provides for the education and enrollment of the community and the support technologies for all aspects of small business incubation including site selection, construction or renovation, staffing, staff training, client attraction - screening - retention - growth - support systems and equipment, computer networks and telephone systems designed for business incubators.

The ISSG provides answers for: feasibility, validation of incubator service area, type of facility, host community participation for the incubator project; reference contracts for incubator clients, mentors, advisors and advisory boards; reference guides for mentors, advisors and exit interviews; the relationship between not-for-profit sponsors and for-profit operators.

The incubator development methodology is uniquely tailored, case by case, to the specific resources of the host community to address the aspects of marketing, operations, administration and financing of the incubator from both public and private sectors.

The ISSG uses client development methodologies pioneered by Texas' oldest business incubator, the Entrepreneurial Development Center, a for-profit economic development corporation, which has operated since 1985 without one dime of public funding.

Incubator client development methodologies include an effective screening process for prospects, advisory boards, mentors, a professional development coach, instruction in business overviews (and not business plans), technology transfer, project commercialization, marketing strategies, accounting, finance, personal selling skills, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial development training programs and manuals.

The ISSG practices self-sufficiency and, as a demonstration of capability, is entirely self-sufficient. No public funds, grants, contributions, gifts or donations are sought or accepted. Self-sufficiency is maintained entirely by fees for services and products to clients.

To find out more about the Incubator Self-Sufficiency Group, call, write, e-mail or visit today.

Click here for more information about visits to the SCA incubators.

Click here for considerations on starting an incubator.

There's much more that we can tell you about us (like we were first in the industry to call incubators "accelerators" because incubators accelerate business growth). However, more importantly, we'd like to know much more about you, like your vision for your community, aspirations for growth and what your incubator might look like in 3 to 5 years.

The significant call volume activity being consistently generated on this page now necessitates a preliminary screening fee and I'll consult with you at the rates shown with no contract required. Make your selection from the schedule below and connect on Skype (ID is dean.kring) or call me at 713.932.7495

Your fee is not processed should you not be completely satisfied at the close of our session.

Consultation Fee Schedule

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View video on Business Incubation here.
View a few endorsements here.
View a few past clients here.

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For Incubator Guides, Reference Agreements
and Manuals, click here.

Find an incubator funding guide here.

"Building Businesses?"
Click here and tell us what we can do for you or call us at 713.932.7495

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Certified Incubator Development Group

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We are the place to achieve self-sufficiency.

Use our LIVE CHAT for answers to your
business incubation questions.


* Service Mark of Services Cooperative Association.

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To get started with us, click here.

March 14th, 2021 we celebrated 38 years of start-up small business development, new venture incubation, entrepreneurial education and emerging enterprise assistance totally without grants, gifts, donations. contributions or public funding!

We can show your business development group how to accomplish this.

Our incubator clients have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston, some nationally and some, even internationally, with the most recent being a former client recognized as Inc. 5000 (again) in August, 2018.

We provide the training and tools you need for:
* Assessments  for choosing clients,
* Advisory Board and Mentor selection,
* Client Development to accelerate business growth,
* Fee Determination to cover costs,
* Special Events to increase community interest, participation and support.

Our incubator assistance is worldwide. Here is a very small sample:
"Certainly worth the time and money."
Cynthia Shaiu - Deputy Director US, Canada and Europe Taipei Economic and Cultural Office
"Your insights were extremely helpful and most beneficial in the development of our project."
Sarah Gallagher - Economic Development Director, City of Boonville
"Thank you for the extraordinary attention."
Paul Cummings - International Visitor Program, Institute Of International Education
"I can only begin to tell you how pleased I am with the intensive training I received in preparation for launching our incubator project in Harlem."
Yvonne Stafford - Secretary, Harlem Business Alliance
"Once again, thank you so sincerely." Yeboa Amoa, Managing Director, Ghana Stock Exchange
"Working with you and SCA has been a real blessing and I thank you for all you do for entrepreneurs in Houston." Dr. Martin Bressler, Professor of Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Fulbright Scholar & Sam Walton Fellow, Houston Baptist University

The most prevalent misunderstandings, misconceptions or absolute falsehoods regarding business incubation:

#1) Business incubation is all about subsidized office space and free services.
#2) Entrepreneurial education is all about business plans.
#3) Small business assistance has to be publicly funded and give away programmed.
#4) SBDC staff are the best counselors to incubator clients.
#5) Anyone can create a successful business and Incubator client business failures are no reflection on the incubator so prospect screening assessments are totally unnecessary.
#6) People with advanced business degrees and mid-level managers from large corporations are better in advising start-up small business owners than those with
actual hands-on business ownership experience.
#7) The funding sources of the incubator are the clients, not the start-up companies in the incubator.

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Is your
incubator's only real contribution
to your area's economic development
the salaries paid your interns,
staff and


Does your
incubator grow companies
which then pay taxes greater than
the costs
with operating
your incubator


Is your
incubator using
tax funding to factually compete with the local tax paying service provider businesses in
your economic development
service area,
who are actually already supplying what your incubator does for start-ups





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