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Services Cooperative Association

A unique business development organization founded and funded by a group of small business men and women who recognized the value in fostering individual initiative in the free enterprise system at grass roots levels of emerging enterprises.

Created from an economic development research project of the Houston Chamber of Commerce - Small Business Council from 1977 to 1982, the cooperative held its first public meeting on March 14, 1983, with 14 companies represented.

As of December 23rd, 2020, more than 100,015 people have attended
SCA business building programs, more than 75,302 tips, leads, referrals and new business items have been reported generating revenues of over one billion dollars, multiple SCA Chapters have operated throughout Houston, and Co-Op companies have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston, some nationally and even internationally.

The Co-Op has received national and international acclaim for its accomplishments in economic development and entrepreneurship education, totally without grants, gifts, contributions, donations or public funding.

The methodology of The Co-Op is to teach entrepreneurship in a synergistic environment, conducive to the growth of emerging enterprises, where early stage entrepreneurs have the opportunity to interact with owners of established companies for a demonstration of the ability to be self-sufficient and self-reliant common to all successful enterprise development projects while utilizing
SCA's Rapid Growth System® and The Co-Op Advantage®  to supply the components necessary for accelerated business growth, summarized as: Market Expansion, Business Development, Entrepreneurial Education and Professional Growth.

What is learned in 6 months with The Co-Op will last a lifetime for a business owner.

was the first to recognize the importance of small business development, entrepreneurship education and emerging business incubation and dedicated its efforts to providing these vital services independent of the whims of public funding.

sponsored the first small business incubator in Houston, which became the oldest in Texas, the first Womens Business Center in the nation and both the first virtual incubation program and residency incubator in the world, again totally without grants, gifts, contributions, donations or tax dollars.

That Houston had more business incubators, more universities teaching entrepreneurship, more business networking groups and more business starts, since 1999, than any other city in the United States, is a tribute to
SCA's vision.

We believe:"To teach entrepreneurship, you must be able to do it." and that nothing surpasses the expertise of successful business owners in teaching emerging entrepreneurs to become successful business owners.

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IRS Form W-9 here.

       "Once again, thank you so sincerely." Yeboa Amoa, Managing Director, Ghana Stock Exchange (after his delegation's visit to SCA and the business incubators.)

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