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Entrepreneurons, Entrepreneurship
and The Great American Entrepreneur!

the smallest energy particle of economic development and having certain quantifiable characteristics identified as resources, attributes and aptitude for the entrepreneurial process in which to undertake a business initiative for success consisting of quality of life, standard of living and return to community, also expressed as having fun, making money and doing good.

Although capable of individual or isolated location, these particles generally can be found in clusters, having an attraction or affinity for one another and are apparent in nature involving innovation, imagination and creativity.

Entrepreneurons comprise the greatest economic energy resource in the United States.

While there are many theories, no one can positively prove the origin of Entrepreneurons. However, all indications are that they are formed as a by-product of certain situations and conditions associated with commerce.

Entrepreneurons tend to thrive, propagate, expand and increase in a free enterprise system, excepting in those environments which bureaucrats are found to predominate. Bureaucracies, in a manner not totally understood, acting as the anti-matter of individual or collective Entrepreneurons. A truism being that if one must sin, it is better to sin against God rather than a bureaucracy, for God will forgive you, whereas the bureaucracy never will.

The typical Entrepreneuron is atypical, being unique in personality, however sharing a central trait or core quality known as understanding and operating at risk, also expressed, conversely, as no guts, no glory.

Entrepreneurons transcend all ethnic, gender, age and religious criteria, classifications and boundaries, the only universal application being themselves and entrepreneurial exponent.

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                                                                     First presented in SCA's Entrepreneurial Workshop in 1983.

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