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Structured Development Methodology*
In the early 80's we were called on to design a development methodology for a new concept of the time called "Small Business Incubation."  Our methodology resulted in the business incubator remaining entirely self-reliant, totally self-sufficient and its clients have won virtually every award for business growth in its service area.

We will design or assist you in the design of an effective development methodology for your incubator project. Call C. Dean Kring, Director of Research at 713-932-7495
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Take the "next step" in the development
of your business, project, mission or idea!

"What's next, what's missing, focus and direction " are the terms utilized in the design of a structured development methodology for the venture, the vision, the entrepreneur and the window of opportunity.

Services Cooperative Association was instrumental  in developing a program specifically designed to vastly improve the opportunity for business success of individuals starting or growing a business.

Consider it "entrepreneurial engineering" to build a successful business.

While it can be generalized that the essence of entrepreneurship is summarized as "find a need and fill it" or, more completely, "find a niche, make sales, manage to profits and repeat the process," each case, each entrepreneur and each opportunity are different, as are the individual resource mix, attributes and aptitude for the entrepreneurial process.

These variables, however, do reveal themselves when examined in the appropriate manner and may be quantified, refined and enhanced in such a way as to accelerate the capability of the entrepreneur and accelerate the growth of the venture within most market windows of opportunity.

Significant entrepreneurship research went into the development of this methodology and it has been field tested for accuracy for more than a quarter of a century.

The instructional method is not generalized. Rather it is constructed in a precise formula to build upon the unique strengths of the entrepreneur and improve upon those areas where the entrepreneur is less skilled, less strong or less knowledgeable.

The methodology then is applied to the unique personality of the entrepreneur with corresponding training via input with a professional development coach, mentor and advisory board to address the aspects of the marketing, operations, administration and finance of the venture.

The structured development methodology is encompassed in an Entrepreneurial Development Program utilized by the Business Incubation Centers of SCA as a process of assessment, evaluation, education, training and finalized with fine-tuning to have the entrepreneur more capable, confident and with a higher capacity to plan and accomplish the steps for growth and success of the venture.

Does the Program work? Yes. Is the Program easy? No. Does the Program guarantee success? No. Does the Program increase the possibility of success, minimize risk and accelerate business/career growth? Yes, dramatically so.

To find out more about the Structured Development Methodology and the Entrepreneurial Development Program for your business idea, schedule an Entrepreneurial Assessment or call the Director of Research, C. Dean Kring at (713) 932-7495 or e-mail him at cdkring@servicesca.org.

For our online clients, we'll design the structured development methodology for your business, career or project. Simply click on the link below to prepay, then call, e-mail or connect via Skype and we'll get started.

How to Get Started (Business)
How to Get Started (Career)

How to Get Started (Economic Development Project)

"The Center was obviously a good deal for me and my business!"
Charlie Montgomery, Fidelity Bonded Warehouse Company, Inc.

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Please note: This page is devoted to individuals starting a business or advancing a career. However, the methodology has been successfully applied to numerous economic development projects around the globe.
Email C. Dean Kring with your questions, cdkring@servicesca.org.
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* see Failed Methodology

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