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Starting a Business Incubator
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Service area: minimum 50,000 population within a 50 mile area
Physical facility: Office space, Office/warehouse
Virtual incubation
Site selection:
Construction or renovation:
Staff training
Client attraction
Client screening
Client retention
Client development programs
Client growth
Support systems and equipment
Computer networks
Telephone systems
Validation of incubator service area
Type of facility
Host community participation
Agreements: reference contracts for incubator clients, mentors, advisors
Agreements: reference guides for mentors, advisors and exit interviews
Relationship between not-for-profit sponsors and for-profit operators
Resources of the host community
Marketing, operations, administration and financing of the incubator from both public and private sectors
Client development methodologies
Reference Incubator: Entrepreneurial Development Center
Advisory boards
Professional Development Coach
Instruction in business plans/growth strategy
Technology transfer
Project commercialization
Marketing strategies
Personal selling skills
Entrepreneurial development training programs
Fees for services

To find out more about the what's necessary to get your incubator started, call, write, e-mail or visit today.
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"Building Emerging Businesses?"
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"I can only begin to tell you how pleased I am with the intensive training I received in preparation
for launching our incubator project in Harlem."
Yvonne Stafford, Secretary, Harlem Business Alliance.

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