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March 3 2021 Contingency ~ https://conta.cc/3kJWBEv
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So your business has recovered from the pandemic, yes or no?

I've been conversing with numerous former clients over the last several months and they shared their contingency plans.

They all had them and used them.

And it doesn't matter if you are a business owner or not.

Things change.

Sometimes drastically, eh?

So if you are responsible for keeping food on the table, a roof overhead, or paying staff, you have a contingency plan.

Need assistance in recovery or ideas for recovery??

Give us a call or join us for breakfast Wednesday in the private room at Corner Bakery Cafe, 7:30 to 8:30 AM.

Be sure to let us know you're coming.

Successful regard$,

February 24 2021 Snowed In? ~ https://conta.cc/3aDxoYP

0224snow4 (1).gif (1328954 bytes)
I've enjoyed living in Houston since the early 70's and haven't had the "playing in the snow" opportunity before.

And t'was a tad "nippy," yes?

I had no electricity and no water - which is why EntrepreNEWS was published Saturday and not Thursday - so playing in the snow was a fun replacement.

When circumstances give you lemons you make lemonade, eh?

In life we are sometimes presented with unfortunate situations.

We learn to turn them around to create a positive mental attitude and go forward.

I have some pictures of the snow.

If you have some, send them and we'll have a Snow Art Show!"

Or bring them Wednesday and join us for breakfast in the private room at Corner Bakery Cafe, 7:30 to 8:30 AM.

February 17 2021 Accomplishments ~ https://conta.cc/3qjOAs0
 0210whatsnew (1).gif (106019 bytes)

Starting a business is easy. Having it grow and prosper, ah . . . not so easy.

And our co-op has been in the business of growing companies for 38 years.

We brought you the "Business Building Breakfast" in 1983. More than 100,000 people have attended.

In 1985 we founded the "Entrepreneurial Development Center," Houston's first and Texas' oldest business incubator.

In the years following we created the Womens Business Center, Health-Medical Enterprise Center, International Business Center, Product Development Center, Software Business Center and Startup Center. Also all first in the United States.

Our final business incubator design is the Virtual Business Accelerator, first in the world.

?We also perfected a development methodology based on the entrepreneur's resources, aptitude and attributes that has the business grow faster and more secure.

No brag - just fact.

When you or someone you know is starting a business, we recommend the Entrepreneurial Assessment to provide a highly accurate 2nd Opinion on what might be expected.

Should the business qualify for incubation, we'll design a custom tailored development methodology, with a mentor, professional development coach and advisory board in an accelerator program at a rate easily affordable.

We're business owners serving business owners and our clients have won virtually ever award for business growth in Houston, some nationally and some even internationally!

Join us Wednesday morning via Skype or in the private room at Corner Bakery Cafe, 7:30 to 8:30 AM and we'll answer any questions you may have and you can share your accomplishments and ambitions.

February 10 2021 Patience ~ https://conta.cc/3jym5UI
0203numbers2.gif (39793 bytes)






We can be perfect in our next life.

In this one, we get to be human and humans make mistakes, eh?

So, what is it you do when you make a mistake?

<Yeah, I know it's very, very seldom.>

You pick yourself up, dust yourself off, clean up any mess, apologize as necessary,
and continue with what you were doing/what's to be done with any fix-up process.

Make sure you "own up" to the "screw up" without beating "yourself up."

And how about when someone else makes a mistake?

You help them with the actions above and remember the key phrase: patience.
Join us Wednesday morning via Skype or in the private room at Corner Bakery Cafe, 7:30 to 8:30 AM and tell us the examples of patience you've encountered?

February 3 2021 Smiles ~ https://conta.cc/2YELKBq
0127smile.gif (51011 bytes)

Positive Mental Attitude.

"PMA" for short.

You remember last week we discussed positive energy and how it expands?

So this week we'll focus on applying positive energy to attitude.

As in our own and those around us.

It's very easy to determine if you are appropriately and effectively doing this.

You look for smiles.

And you already know that people who smile are happier and more productive, eh?

Pop Quiz: What's the one thing you have your competitors will never have? Send your answer here.

I invite you to join us Wednesday morning via Skype at 7:30 to 8:30 AM and we'll get you started in increasing the PMA of people you interact with.

January 27 2021 Positive Energy ~ https://conta.cc/3qWyDrD

0120lw7 (1).gif (609422 bytes)

Positive energy expands!

Negative energy contracts!

We've been showing people how to create and attract positive energy for a goodly number of years now.

38+, if I remember correctly.

We teach a development methodology that produces a predictable result!

It's not magic.

It's a methodology that you can learn and apply.

I invite you to come meet with me any Wednesday morning via Skype at 7:30 to 8:30 AM and we'll get you started to being a source of positive energy.

January 20 2021 Welcome ~ https://conta.cc/3sMBm8T
0120welcome (1).gif (37534 bytes)

New Year!

Woo Hoo!!

Ok, what are the plans you have for yourself for today or this week, month, quarter or the entire year?

I invite you to come share your thoughts, intent and projects with me Wednesday morning via Skype at 7:30 to 8:30 AM.

I enjoy the new, different and challenging ambitions of people I work with.

You may know that my start-up clients have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston, some nationally and some even internationally!

And some of my past clients are household names in Houston.

For true!

Give me a call and let's get started.

No procrastination, please.

We can get you to where you want to go!

The sooner we start the sooner we get there.

Successful regard$,

January 13 2021 What's Past ~ https://conta.cc/3byVXqI
animatedquestionmark3 ).gif (119686 bytes)

Well, we made it into the new year, eh?

The holidays are over!

And the elections, too!

By the way, I've never observed an election for President of the United States like we just had.

And from where we started in all this political process to where we ended is "troubling" to me.

Where are we as American citizens?

What's to be done so that we recognize what a exceptional country we have, populated with all of us: red, white and blue.

Come share your thoughts Wednesday morning via Skype at "Houston CrossRoads" 7:30 - 8:30 a.m.

Please come to inform and discuss, not to argue.

Successful regard$,

December 23 2020 Exceptional People ~ https://conta.cc/2WAlyXK
1216e7 (1).gif (3188574 bytes)

Over the years we’ve discovered some interesting things about people and their capability

We’ve been fortunate in that we’ve had opportunity to work with exceptional people.

Exceptional people produce exceptional results, consistently.

Exceptional results like companies which consistently grow and prosper.

Exceptional results like having a business that they love and their passion demonstrated in the quality of their output.

Exceptional people continually overcome roadblocks, stops, obstacles, difficulties negative situations and produce a huge amount of positive energy.

I know you remember that positive energy expands, while negative energy contracts.

Exceptional people consistently do what they say they will do and by when they say it will be done.

Exceptional people are effective in their use of their time to accomplish their objectives.

Exceptional people utilize mentors.

COME share the holiday season with us at the Business Building Breakfast Wednesday, either in person or remotely via Skype at "Houston Crossroads"

December 16 2020 Tis the Season ~ https://conta.cc/388wDVg

AnimatedSeasonsGreetings.gif (70532 bytes)

I think you'll agree these are interestingly unique times with things like COVID 19 and all the controversy regarding the election.

I've never encountered anything similar.

The holiday season, however, is important and very special.

Use it as a time to thank friends, family, co-workers and all those others who make a difference in your life.

And share yourself with us for the Business Building Breakfast Wednesday, either in person or remotely via Skype at "Houston Crossroads"

Successful regard$,

November 25 2020 What's Going On? ~ https://conta.cc/3nViX6a
1125calendar (1).gif (2023299 bytes)
We're about to be running out of year, in case you've not noticed.

Are there any 2020 goals still on your "to do" list?

Or maybe some 2021 ambitions you've not even written down yet?


Here's a suggestion.

Engage a planner, mentor or a professional third party to spend a few hours with you to guide you in completing what's to be done!

Taking that stress off your end-of-year activities is worth the price!

Business Building Breakfast Wednesday!

November 18 2020 The Power of Truth Tellers ~ https://contac.cc/36KfRer
crossingfingers.gif (33918 bytes)
Did you ever get the feeling that sometimes in a conversation someone is not telling you the truth?

Afterward, when you confront them with the chance to clear it up, they will tell you A) you misunderstood, B) they said no such thing, C) they didn't have a choice, D) they had not had the time to let you know of the changes?

I've some very smart friends I've known for many, many years who are in the agri-business and who create additives that are used to alter crops. When people eat these alteredfood crops and then tell a "false hood" their noses turn bright red!

I'll bet there'll be lots of red noses around soon, eh??

Don't you wish it could be just that simple?

Join us for our traditional truth-telling Business Building Breakfast Wednesday!

November 11 2020 Job Done! ~ https://conta.cc/35eusPZ

 flag.gif (198650 bytes)

The 46th president of the United States is supposed to be positioning himself to lead a nation gripped by a historic pandemic, a confluence of economic and social turmoil, some bit of disagreement/confusion as to what the presidential selection process really is and who is actually the president, anyway!
However, you can continue with your economic development activities by joining us for breakfast on Wednesday mornings at Corner Bakery Cafe: 7:15 to 8:30 AM, 9311 Katy Frwy., (I-10W at Echo Lane.)

November 03 2020 Job Done! ~ https://conta.cc/35eusPZ

October 21 2020 You decide ~ https://conta.cc/3o37keq

 vote.gif (22345 bytes)

It's time to make your preference known.

When we have a vote we have voice.

Make sure yours is heard!

September 30, 2020 Who is in charge? ~ https://conta.cc/3jf6Gb4
0624Animatedquestionmark.gif (7022 bytes)

It's your life.

Live it so you're having fun, making money and doing good.

Make sure that little voice in your head (that only you can hear) keeps you focused on the "what" you want to do and the "how" to do it.

Please remember that little voice works for you and not the other way around.

Give yourself some goals, targets, aspirations or ambitions to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Believe in yourself and your abilities to achieve your future.

Keep a positive mental attitude. Never give up and make your accomplishments worthy of you.

Join us for breakfast any Wednesday - virtually or in person - and we'll discuss moving you in the direction you want to go!

September 23, 2020 Update ~ https://conta.cc/3hTfdif

newsflash.gif (184217 bytes)
Years ago we identified a target market in an important area of interest that was not served.

It was the emerging business owner.

So we designed a model business to teach these emerging business owners what they wanted to learn to have successful businesses.

It was also "an earning while learning environment."

The first in the U.S.

Co-Op companies have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston.

Please pass this information on to anyone thinking of starting a business.

Join us for breakfast any Wednesday - virtually or in person - and we'll discuss teaching you what you want to learn and doing so in the best way you can learn it.

September 2, 2020 Speed it up! ~ https://conta.cc/3bHIbjF
runner.gif (9879 bytes) Speed yourself along!

How about doing something you love that pays very well and benefits many people?

Is that your intent?

Havin' fun, makin' money and doin' good?

Also known as high quality of life, high standard of living and high return to community.

We're business owners and teaching business ownership in an easily mastered format was our intent.

In the early 80's we designed a "model small business" to provide "on the job training" that yields a successful business and a confident business owner in a minimum time frame.

We included an "easy to implement" development methodology that produces a predictable result.

Again, in minimal time.

No brag, just fact!

We proved that entrepreneurship could be taught and our co-op companies have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston, some nationally, and some even internationally.

Our co-up also created Houston's first (and Texas' oldest) business incubator, plus the first Womens Business Center in the U.S., plus the first virtual business accelerator in the world!

All without the first dime of public funding.

We are NOT your tax dollars at work!

Come have breakfast with us any Wednesday - virtually or in person - and we'll discuss you having the business you deserve and how to do it sooner rather than later!

And the things you learn with the co-op are also perfect for professional development and career advancement for non business owners.

August 26 2020  Entrepreneurons ~ https://conta.cc/34sTk6w
entrepreneurons.gif (604003 bytes)
Entrepreneuron: the smallest energy particle of economic development and having certain quantifiable characteristics identified as resources, attributes and aptitude for the entrepreneurial process in which to undertake a business initiative for success consisting of quality of life, standard of living and return to community, also expressed as having fun, making money and doing good.

Although capable of individual or isolated location, these particles generally can be found in clusters, having an attraction or affinity for one another and are apparent in nature involving innovation, imagination and creativity.

Entrepreneurons comprise the greatest economic energy resource in the United States.

While there are many theories, no one can positively prove the origin of Entrepreneurons. However, all indications are that they are formed as a by-product of certain situations and conditions associated with commerce.

Entrepreneurons tend to thrive, propagate, expand and increase in a free enterprise system, excepting in those environments which bureaucrats are found to predominate. Bureaucracies, in a manner not totally understood, acting as the anti-matter of individual or collective Entrepreneurons.

A truism being that if one must sin, it is better to sin against God rather than a bureaucracy, for God will forgive you, whereas the bureaucracy never will.

The typical Entrepreneuron is atypical, being unique in personality, however sharing a central trait or core quality known as understanding and operating at risk, also expressed conversely as no guts, no glory.

Entrepreneurons transcend all ethnic, gender, age and religious criteria, classifications and boundaries, the only universal application being themselves and entrepreneurial exponent.

Call me at LinkedIn or Skype, when you're ready to verify entrepreneurial energy and let's begin sooner rather than later, please.

The perfect next step when you are an Entrepreneuron seeking entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurial education, entrepreneurial development, and entrepreneurial expansion is the Entrepreneurial Assessment®.

Or join us for breakfast any Wednesday - virtual or in person - and we'll discuss you venturing into entrepreneurship.

Successful regard$,

August 19 2020  Meet, Greet and Follow-up ~ https://conta.cc/2Y9XLyX

0811people (1).gif (794604 bytes)

Have you noticed that more networking group meetings are virtual these days?

When you attend a virtual meeting, be sure that you've confirmation with the host that you'll get complete contact information on everyone attending.


So you can do your follow-up, of course.

"The meeting is never completed until the follow-up is done."

And you'll have these people in your database so you can keep in touch.

Join us for breakfast any Wednesday - virtual or in person - and we'll send you complete follow-up information on everyone attending.

We've been doing this for years!

Successful regard$,

August 12 2020  Easy and Effective ~ https://conta.cc/2XObawI

animatedmoney.gif (179507 bytes)

The essence of entrepreneurship:

#1 - Find a niche!

#2 - Make sales!

#3 - Manage to profits!

#4 - Distribute to contributors!

#5 - Repeat the process!

Have questions?

Don't hesitate to ask.

We're here because you're here.

Work a breakfast with us into your schedule.

Chances are excellent we've been there and done what it is you want to do.

Successful regard$,

August 5 2020 Your Wish ~ https://conta.cc/2ERupPf

animatedezkayZ.gif (1344019 bytes)

You've noticed we've altered our format?

We've added some of the other exciting changes you've requested with more coming!

Your feedback is always welcomed.

In these tough times, let us know what you want/need?

We're here because you're here.

Join us for breakfast any Wednesday morning, in person or via Skype.

Tough times don't last.

Tough people do!

Successful regard$,

July 29 2020 Houston, Texas, USA ~ https://conta.cc/3hJYMFc
0722wc178x28_e0 _1_.gif (55831 bytes)

to Houston, Texas, USA!

Entrepreneurial energy capital of the world.

The best place to start a business, grow a business, acquire a business or relocate a business!

Starting way back when with the Allen brothers.

And you already know that Houston is the most culturally diverse city in the nation!

Uh huh!

Go look it up for yourself

And we have such things as the Texas Medical Center, largest in the world!

And who was that bunch that dredged the ship channel so Houston could have a fully functional port for ocean-going vessels?

And it was Houston that had the first domed stadium in the world; We think it should be converted into the first residency business incubator world-wide!

And what about all the Houston people keeping our exceptional city famous: Paul Barela, Annise Parker, Mike Mangan, Jerry Cooper, Jim McIngvale, Sandy Lawrence, May Wang, Sandra White, Mark Kamin, R. D. Yoder, Willy Verbrugghe, Susan Deison, Rosemary Behrens, Milton Thibodeaux, Russel Treat, Gail Stolzenburg, Valerie Burson, Doris St. Cyr, Hiett Ives - this list goes on and on and on!!!!!

And you knew, of course, that among the terms of Texas joining the United States way back when was the agreement that any time the pledge to the flag for the United States was given in Texas so would the pledge to the Texas flag be given:
0722texaspledge.jpg (20531 bytes)
Be sure to remind those "Northerners" to include the Texas pledge.

Please join us on July 29th for your choice of a virtual morning business meeting via Skype with Houston Crossroads or a traditional seated Business Building Breakfast in a private room at Corner Bakery Cafe and share what it is you're doing in keeping Houston Number One in the world?

July 22 2020 All there is to know ~ https://conta.cc/32N4WAa
Z9pp (1).gif (345367 bytes)
In the not too distant future, we're all going to get smarter.

Remember years ago when we wanted to know something we'd go to a library?

So now that we've reached micro-chips and the internet we've an infinite amount of information at our finger-tips.

It's just a matter of time before we have a tiny connector implanted in our brains that gives us access to all that's known in the world.

Bet you a pizza.

It's not if, Dear Reader.

It's only when.

Join us on July 22nd for your choice of a virtual morning business meeting via Skype with Houston Crossroads or a traditional seated Business Building Breakfast and share what it is you're learning and how you're learning it?

July 15 2020 Return To Community ~ https://conta.cc/2OlEcOX

0417success2.gif (438010 bytes)
In the past we've spoken about success being expressed as "havin fun, makin' money and doin' good."

That equates to high quality of life, high standard of living and high return to the community.

Let's focus on your return to the community for this session and while there are many, many ways of achieving this, I'll suggest your community's chamber of commerce.

We indexed chambers of commerce in and around Houston a number of years ago.

You can find them here:

and here:

My suggestion is you go check several out to see if there is one you'll find yourself comfortable with and, if so, join it, become active on one of the chamber's committees and use your actions on that committee as your return to the community.

Being active in your local chamber of commerce creates higher visibility in the community.

Join us on July 15th for your choice of a virtual morning business meeting via Skype (Houston Crossroads) or a traditional seated Business Building Breakfast and share what you're up to in the community!

July 8 2020 Happy Birthday America ~ https://conta.cc/2VNaAyb

HappyBirthdayAmerica.gif (23758 bytes)

Independence Day!

I love this time of year!

Reminds me of when I was a kid, with school out, warm weather, summer fun, and long days.

I grew up a military brat, with parades for July 4th!

Independence day was a very special celebration.

And, oh yeah, my birthday month!

Couldn't get much better than that!

I remember I was 12 years old when I discovered another form of independence.

It was financial independence.

I had a paper route with money coming in and money going out, and learning how to manage those activities to build a surplus.

Achieving financial independence is among the things we teach in The Co-Op today.

Join us on July 8th for your choice of a virtual morning business meeting via Skype (Houston Crossroads) or a traditional seated Business Building Breakfast and let us share with you our discoveries in creating financial independence.

July 1 2020 Economic Development ~ https://conta.cc/2VxdXce

0701money3.gif (1009469 bytes)
Economic development!

That's where people come spend money with us here in Houston rather than with someone someplace else.

So, what do we have as Houstonians that others don't have so that people will continue to come spend money in Houston?

I can easily answer that.

Remember when Houston was referred to as "The Energy Capital Of The World"?

I'm sure you do - it wasn't all that long ago.

Houston was referred to as the energy capital of the world because of our many hydrocarbons activities - AKA "oil & gas."

We had world leaders in "da earl bidnezz" calling Houston home.

I started my professional career many, many years ago working with one of "The Seven Sisters" in the oil business.

That was Pan American Petroleum Corporation, with the marketing arm, AMOCO, producing the 1st lead free gasoline in the world.

Uh huh, I've been in research my entire career and have assisted in the discovery and advancement of many "firsts!"

That's all history, so let's talk about something Houston can do now that will have people continue to come to Houston to spend their money.

And, once again, it's an energy resource.

This time it's entrepreneurial energy.

Entrepreneurship can be taught.

Uh huh, that's right!

And we were the first kids in the country to demonstrate that business incubators - we had Houston's first and Texas' oldest - were teaching entrepreneurship starting in 1985.

It became an overnight sensation!

We proved we knew about teaching entrepreneurship because our incubator clients have won virtually ever award for business growth in Houston, some nationally and some even internationally.

So what does Houston have for economic development activities?

If you want to start a business, grow a business, acquire a business or transfer a business, Houston is "the place" to do that!

Join us on July 1st for your choice of a virtual morning business meeting via Skype (Houston Crossroads) or a traditional seated Business Building Breakfast and let us share with you our talents in independent economic development research that might be applicable with something you want to do as your first.

June 24 2020 Ready to move forward ~ https://conta.cc/2N89Y1u
0624Animated-question-mark-with-flashing-lights-picture (1).gif (7022 bytes)

Piece of cake!

1. Decide the what, then the how, then the when.

2. Have some targets, goals, ambitions, or intentions to accomplish change with a time-line.

3. No, business plan not needed: Bill Gates, Michael Dell, the late Steve Jobs (the list goes on and on) had no business plan.

4. This is what you have to work with (your personal resources):
a) Time
b) Money
c) Ability
d) Contacts
e) Energy
f) Attitude
g) Integrity

5. You have attributes to decide how you utilize your resource mix:
a) Intellect (also known as "smarts.")
b) Quickness.
c) Ability to accept input.

6. The final measure is your aptitude for the entrepreneurial process.
a) Understanding and operating at risk.
b) Self-confidence.
c) Positive mental attitude.

7. What has made you successful?

8. What's next for you?

Join us for
your choice of a virtual morning business meeting via Skype or a seated Business Building Breakfast on June 24th and share with us what you're doing (or want to do) to move forward.

June 17 2020 No Excuses ~ https://conta.cc/2Ap1ksF
0617noexcuses.gif (637391 bytes)
Over the years we've had opportunity to work with exceptional people.

You know some of them.

They've become household names in Houston.

And we've discovered some common beliefs among them.

Things like "quitting is not an option."

"Attitude is everything."

"Love what you do."

"Believe in yourself."

"If you don't get it right the first time, try, try again."

These people motivate and inspire those around them.

They encourage results not reasons and excuses are never an acceptable replacement!

June 10 2020 Tough Times ~
0610af2 (1).gif (930180 bytes)

" . . . one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Have we forgotten?

Has this changed?

Is it because of the Coronavirus?

Lots of new and different things going on in our lives and across our country, eh?

Riots, violence, looting - peace, prayer, passion.

Please remember: Tough times don't last. Tough people do.

And when you think you can, you can!

We'll all get through this.

Join us for a virtual morning business meeting on June 10th and share with us what you're doing to get through these tough times.

June 3 2020 Predictions ~ https://conta.cc/3cq4I3n
0610globe.gif (1664796 bytes)

In these uncertain times we've been getting numerous questions regarding a multitude of empty office buildings and the high vacancy rate.

Because of the importance of the questions we consulted our high accuracy "tell us the future" source.

Some of you know It's the deluxe model, complete with swirling mists, and very reliable.

The answers provided were complex and highly interesting.

In particular it revealed that the "vacate the office" evolution has started and that an ever increasing number of people will remain working from home, with even more doing so in the future.

And the trend will now be home offices, including the staff working for the really, really big companies.

Sci-fi scenarios forecast that environmental change years ago.

And communication technologies, very easy to use, have attained a level of sophistication that permits excellent simultaneous audio/visual conversations among dozens, scores or hundreds of people from a few yards to literally thousands of miles away.

Don't be surprised as larger companies start providing increased compensation and improved hardware for work-from-home staff and special software will facilitate remote access to company data/information/communications keeping it secure.

Consider the additional benefit of no drive time, vehicle use, parking requirements or transportation pollution.

Watch and learn.

Join us for a virtual morning business meeting on June 3rd and share with us what your company is doing to keep you working at home and away from the office.

May 27 2020 Your Patience https://conta.cc/3d0q4VS
0527animated-thank-you-image-0055 (1).gif (5449 bytes)
for being so patient as we navigate through these unprecedented times!

In my young (slightly over 3/4 a century) age I'm noticing the people around me are unequally dividing into two categories:

A.) those who are taking all this in stride.


B.) those who want it all back to "normal."

I congratulate those with the patience and flexibility to be accommodating to all the changes we're faced with and the ones yet to come.

You are an inspiration to us all.

Join us for a virtual morning business meeting on June 3rd and share with us how you've kept your poise.

May 20 2020 Updates ~ https://conta.cc/2TmRLk7
0520welcome.gif (31547 bytes)
We're happy to have you reading our weekly EntrepreNEWS during these trying times!

Some of you know we've been publishing this informative newsletter for more than 25 years.

<Waving to our long time readers.>

Thank you for your loyalty and for keeping us informed of your preferences over the years!

For you newbies, please be so kind as to take a moment and tell us what you'd like to be seeing more (or less) of in this publication.

We'll start implementing your suggestions as received.

Have an interesting article you've written?

Send it to us and we'll see if we can include it in a future edition.

Thinking of starting a business?

Bring us your bright ideas.

We can move you forward faster!

It's no accident our startups have won virtually award for business growth in Houston.

Some nationally!

Some even internationally!

We're available by telephone or Skype or join our virtual business development meetings on Wednesday mornings.

May 13 2020 Recovery ~ https://conta.cc/2Wm1Ks0
0513question (1).gif (33120 bytes)
So what's next for recovery?

When can we all get back to work, or school or where-ever?

Is the virus issue completely past or merely taking a little break to reappear even worse?



Scratch our heads and mumble!

Here's what's true!

We don't really know what's ahead!

What we do know is we'll get past it!

Amen, Brothers and Sisters!

We'll all make it!

Some patience required, eh?


May 6 2020 Anyone Can Do The Easy Stuff ~ https://conta.cc/2YCqugQ
0506animatedquestionmark3.gif (119686 bytes)So the question lingers as to when we can resume our previously normal activities?

Whenever we can all get out and about again without our face masks or social distancing will be our new normal and it will be within an economy that has been severely impacted by the virus! 

No moderation there.

A severe whammo has befallen us!


Come share with us those things you've already implemented for recovery and we'll share them with a receptive audience!

And let us all continue with our patience, trust that where there is a will there is a way, that this is Houston, Texas, USA and we shall prevail!

April 29 2020 Making Your Money Machine ~ https://conta.cc/2xYWgdn

0429mm.gif (29104 bytes)During very tough times more than 37 years ago a young woman came to me asking instructions on building for herself a "money machine" to get her through the hardships.

She was ready to have her own business so she could be independent and not have to rely on other companies.

And it had to be something she enjoyed.

She said it was to provide a product or a service that was wanted and needed by her future customers.

Further, It must be challenging, interesting, gratifying, exciting, stimulating, worthy, and worthwhile . . .

And it had to create for her solid, financial independence so she could keep doing it.

So now you know about money machines.

And that's what we do.

We teach people how to build their own money machine.

It's not magic.

It's a methodology that produces a predictable result.

Your own business
, that's enjoyable challenging, interesting, gratifying, exciting, stimulating, worthy, worthwhile and create
solid, financial independence.  

We're a not-for-profit cooperative association of independent business owners with many years of hands-on business experience.

As business owners, we know a tad about financial independence.
As history, we brought you Houston's first business incubator (which became Texas' oldest), and the first Womens Business Center in the nation and the first virtual business accelerator in the world, and, just so you know, our start-up clients have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston - some nationally and even internationally.

All without the first dime of grants, gifts, donations, contributions or public money.

We are NOT your tax dollars at work.

No brag.

Just fact.

Go look it up for yourself!

Here's what people say about us.

Have questions?

Give us a call or connect on Skype or attend any of our Wednesday morning virtual meetings.

You'll be glad you did!

Remember, you can do anything you put your mind to and where there is a will, there is a way.

So why not you - why not now?

April 22 2020 Virtual Operations ~ https://conta.cc/2RIkTRU
0422u2.gif (289807 bytes)
You may recall when I forecast that technology was having more and more things operating in the virtual mode with increased sales of products and services.

And, for example, you may be working at home and communicating with your staff, co-workers, bosses and even customers/clients via smart phone, Go-To-Meeting, Zoom, Skype or any of the many other cloud-based programs permitting face-to-face and even group conversations.

Make a note of things that will be changing in the future brought about by people working remotely.

Things like increased vacant office space.

Less travel time.

Easier access to people in group meetings.

We went virtual a number of years ago with our business accelerator, advisory board, and mentoring.

We're even conducting our co-op business development meetings virtually.

Technology has come a long way in making face-to-face point of contact more accessible, convenient and dependable and will continue to do so.

April 15 2020 Time for change ~ https://conta.cc/2XnjLai

0415quiz (1).gif (923317 bytes)

Have some extra time on your hands these days?

If so, put it to good use!

Get started on that idea you've had bouncing around in your head for awhile.

This may be destined as the perfect opportunity to make it real for yourself.


Why not you - why not now?

Join us for our Virtual Breakfast Wednesday and we'll share with you our successes in converting ideas into reality.

Wednesday doesn't work for you? Then call, text or email.

April 8 2020 Staying Positive in Negative Situations ~ https://conta.cc/3aNMY1M
0408graphic.gif (448828 bytes)

My. My. My.

Life can certainly get complicated at times, eh?

Like now, for instance, with this virus and all the lock-downs and self-sanctions.

What are these situations doing to your lifestyle, company, business or career, friends and family?

And how long before things return to a normal that will be completely different than the "normal" we were all accustomed to?

In the face of adversity remember: Tough times don't last. Tough people do.

And what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

You can do anything you put your mind to!

We can and will certainly survive this epic tragedy and again go forth and prosper.

Need an attitude adjustment?

Join us for our Virtual Breakfast Wednesday and tell us what you're up to and your plans for the future?

April 1 2020 ~ Working From Home ~ https://conta.cc/2JqiSoT
0401animatedcamera (1).gif (366683 bytes)

Stay at home mandates don't stop face-to-face meetings and haven't for a number of years.

Not in the least!

Digital webcams and numerous software programs permit easy and convenient connections, communications and interactions with individuals and groups vastly far apart.

We recommend SKYPE because it's easiest to install and use.

Get a webcam and save yourself the inconvenience of travel time and parking to meet with clients.

We added a "click to chat" button and a camera option to our website a number of years ago and enjoyed an immediate increase in interactions with our visitors.

You can even enjoy traditional networking meetings via webcam.

Join us for a Virtual Breakfast Wednesday and you'll see what I mean.


March 25 2020  ~ Welcome ~ https://conta.cc/39efok4
0325welcome2.gif (35829 bytes)
Thanks for stopping by.

How can we assist you in these troubling times? 

And rather than telling you of all the processes, projects, conditions, issues and situations we've assisted people with in the past, it's far easier for you to simply tell us what it is you want done.We're in our 38th year as a business development cooperative association and our list of "firsts" fills pages.

Chances are excellent we've already "been there and done that."
No brag, just fact.

Join us for a Virtual breakfast Wednesday, and tell us what you have in mind.

As long as it doesn't involve sex, drugs, politics or laundering money, we'll be delighted to take a look!

March 18 2020  ~ The more you learn ~ https://conta.cc/2x2Yw2b
0318mm13 (1).gif (526467 bytes)

I remember as a lad growing up one of my teachers telling me there is always more to learn.

Amen, Brothers and Sisters. Amen!

I was taught that by my parents and grand-parents and other military brats I grew up with.

I learned that the learning process is never ending and the more I learned the more I knew there was still more to learn.

Discoveries lead to more discoveries.

Knowledge to more knowledge.

And the process that produces increased knowledge produces tools, attitudes and advantages.

Things like entrepreneurship could be taught and business incubators accelerated business growth and neither a college degree nor a business plan is a requirement for a successful business.

And the confidence to explore the unknown with the curiosity to go where no-one has ever gone before and the courage to move new ideas forward.

Join us for breakfast any Wednesday, and bring your discoveries to share.

March 11 2020 37 Years of Service ~ https://conta.cc/2TKKM3G
37th-birthday-10 (1).gif (454958 bytes)
Seems like just yesterday when Services Cooperative Association ("The Co-Op") conducted its first public meeting.

Time flies when you're having fun and working with start-ups is an absolute hoot!

So many new ideas, vast energy and fantastic attitudes.

Entrepreneurship and the free enterprise system combine in Houston to make this city the "start-up capital of the world."

Join us for breakfast any Wednesday, bring your new idea and we'll share what we do to accelerate business growth.

March 4 2020 Accountability ~ https://conta.cc/2TknNNX
0304scales1 (1).gif (58017 bytes)


Does it still exist?

How is it weighed, counted, measured?

Who decides?

How is it applicable?

Is it governed by freedom of information and availability of relevant data?

Does it have the same implication/impact/importance with politicians, government officials, law enforcement, and/or academic personnel or are they entitled to exemptions?

Who are you accountable to?

Statistics indicate that people who have accountability partners are 85% more productive that those without.

The accountability partner can be a business partner, spousal unit, mentor, financial adviser, business coach or accountability guide.

Join us for breakfast any Wednesday and tell us of your experiences and opinions regarding accountability.

February 26 2020 Ready when you are ~ https://conta.cc/2Pfj1iw
0226dial (1).gif (130886 bytes)


Over the years we've had the good fortune to have worked with some very talented people.

And while our clients have ranged from pre-startups to the largest companies in the world, our focus has been on small business.

Small business is big business and Houston's greatest energy resource is its entrepreneurial energy.

So it wasn't by accident that we've attracted these talented small business owners.

We provide them services that no one else is providing.

You'll recall that the 1st rule of entrepreneurship is "find the niche."

We provide them services that no one else is providing.

You'll recall that the 1st rule of entrepreneurship is "find the niche."

We found and developed the niche of business incubation here in Houston, with Houston's first small business incubator, which became Texas' oldest.

What made our business incubation so convenient to client companies is that they had access to virtually every resource they were likely to use conveniently located under one roof.

The second factor leading to our incubators' success is that entrepreneurs are highly individualistic.

"One size does not fit all."

Each case is unique.

So not only did our business incubators (which included the first Womens Business Center in the U.S.) provide conveniently available support services, we also provided total flexibility in the way the clients could access and utilize these resources.

"Only pay for what you need."

The final factor was our participation with a royalty interest in our client's growth.

If our client companies didn't grow, we didn't make any real money.

And because we are very good at what we do, we are entirely willing to share the risk.

We still are and we still do and our incubators were also the first in the world to be virtual.

Mentor, advisory board, professional development coach, custom tailored development methodology all conveniently available to our clients via the World Wide Web.

We're always just "a click away."

Our specialty is service companies because all the forecasts predict service companies as employment leaders for many years to come.

So a business cooperative focusing on startup service companies with virtual business incubation tailored to specific entrepreneurial needs.

Services Cooperative Association, since 1983 and operating entirely without grants, gifts, donations or public funding.

We're business owners, independent, self-funded and very proud of it.

Our clients have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston, some nationally and some even internationally.

We grow companies, advance careers and move new ideas forward.

May we assist with yours?

Join us for breakfast any Wednesday and discover the benefits of "The Co-Op" for your interests.

February 19 2020 Making clean presentations ~ https://conta.cc/39JqPAD
0219speaker3.gif (5995368 bytes)

Use public speaking as a very effective way of "getting the word out."

Start with an "attention-getter."

Drop "you know," "but" and "ah" from your presentations

With smaller groups, establish eye contact with everyone in the room, one person at a time.

Have a handout with your complete contact information: name, title, company, telephone number, email, web URL and impact statement.

When there are multiple speakers, see if you can be first or last in the presentation order.

Ask the host for complete contact information on everyone in the room so you can do your followup.

When asked to speak, inquire if there is a budget to pay the speakers.

Asked how the event or function will be advertised/promoted and will same include your name, company and your topic title.

Do your own promotion via web-site, newsletter and social media.

Join us for breakfast any Wednesday and discover the benefits of public speaking.

February 12 2020 Measuring Progress ~ https://conta.cc/2uEFEWj
0212qm (1).gif (394336 bytes)

How do you measure progress?

It's really easy to tell if you're making progress when you have output you can weigh, count or measure.

And it's increasing in terms of new clients gained, for instance.

Or projects completed by your team.

Or "thank you" calls received.

Or smiles produced by your staff.

Or referrals made by your existing customers.

Keeping score is an easy way to tell when you're winning.

Like revenues generated.

Or promotions received.

What's your way of measuring progress?

Don't have one?

Start one!

Join us for breakfast any Wednesday and share your way of measuring progress or to learn one that will work for you!


January 29 2020 Easy as 1,2,3 ~ https://conta.cc/37ZFs2y
0205one (1).gif (21618 bytes)
Decide what you want to do!

0205two.gif (22492 bytes)Determine how it's to be done!

0205three.gif (21559 bytes)Then get started!

Easy as 1,2,3!

And don't quit.

No matter how tough it gets.

Keep at it.

Winners never quit.

Quitters never win.

You know this, eh?


Well you do now!

And anybody can do the easy stuff.

Exceptional people can accomplish exceptional things.

Be exceptional!

January 22 2020 Your Future Ahead ~ https://conta.cc/30PF4Rb
0129cb2.gif (333124 bytes)

You're inspired and motivated to be changing, modifying, and/or improving your future?

If not, please just skip this part.

If yes, read on.

While it's often believed that the future can be neither predicted nor controlled, significant accomplishments by numerous individuals have clearly demonstrated it certainly can be influenced.

So, why not you?

Why not now?

You can be the source to change your future.

It's not magic.

It's a methodology.

And it produces a predictable result: achieving change.

Join us for breakfast any Wednesday and share your ideas.

We'll help you get started, as we have with so many others and our companies have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston, some nationally and some even internationally.

Need immediate assistance?

January 15  2020    We're Here For You! ~ https://conta.cc/2R3l5Ks
animated-lighthouse-image-0016.gif (24429 bytes)

Over the years we've noticed that people essentially come to us for one of two reasons:

They require assistance or they want to provide assistance.

So we've made the process more simple with one web page to provide for both situations.

For those of you already familiar with Services Cooperative Association, you know our history and track-record, including 
Houston's first and Texas' oldest business Incubator; the first Womens Business Center in the United States; the first Virtual Incubator in the world; that our clients have won essentially every award for business growth in Houston, some nationally and some even internationally; that our clients have ranged from pre-startups to the largest companies within their respective industries in the world, plus non-profits, plus universities, plus governments, plus charities Oh yes, we're independent business owners and operate entirely without grants, gifts, donations, contributions or public funding.

We are not your tax-dollar at work and we are outspoken critics of those organizations which use tax-funding for business support services and have no up-line overseeing their efficiency, accuracy or accountability.

Here are a few of the
 endorsements we've received over the years from real people and you probably already know some of them.

I invite you to check us out on the World Wide Web and to determine if working with us is appropriate for you.

Join us for breakfast any Wednesday to connect face-to-face.Need immediate assistance? It's just a click away .

January 2 2020   Welcome 2020 ~ https://conta.cc/2tk0j18
2020animation.gif (43804 bytes)

You made it!

2020 is here!

Now you get to implement all those strategies you have for this new year!

Exciting, eh?

Join us for lunch Wednesday and we'll move you forward with what you want to do!

Immediate assistance is just a click away and we'll get you moving in the direction you want to go!

December 18 2019 Top Spin ~ https://conta.cc/2E7wVgG
1218mm3 (1).gif (569076 bytes)
Things not going as well as you'd like?

Attitude in the pits?

Need more progress in your projects?

Assistance is just a click away and let's get you some effective top spin!

Join us for
breakfast Wednesday and we'll move you forward in a positive frame of mind!

December 11 2019 Still to be done? ~ https://conta.cc/36aboj9
1211investigation (1).gif (422764 bytes)

Look closely.

Look carefully.

What's still to be done for the year?

Find it.

Do it!

Complete those unfinished projects.

You don't want them serving as distractions. 

Should you have to bring in outside assistance, then do so.

Get it done! 

No reasons, excuses, overwhelm or pity parties!

Plan your strategies to start your 2020 fresh with new ideas, projects and goals.

Join us for breakfast Wednesday and we'll ease you through the process for completion of this year and preparation for the next.

December 4 2019 Only you. ~ https://conta.cc/33zMcky

1204questionmarks.gif (173171 bytes)

What do you have that no one else has?

No, it's not a trick question.

Think about it for just another moment.

You are unique in the universe.

In all this immensely vast space - billions of light years across - you are special.

And what do you do with this wonderful quality?

How about make the world a better place.

A simple act of kindness or a word of praise to someone does just that.

Not only are you unique, you are a positive influence in all this vastness.

Have time and energy and the desire to improve upon those around you?

Consider volunteering your time, energy and good intentions with the numerous organizations that would love to have you.

Like Volunteer Houston or Special Pals or any of Houston's many other Resource Groups.

You, yes you make a difference in the universe.

Join us for breakfast any Wednesday and share what you're doing to make your neighborhood or Houston or Texas or the U.S. or the world a better place.

November 27 2019 Makin' a list . . . ~ https://conta.cc/2rbv4UW
information.gif (18572 bytes) Ok, we're running out of year.

You've noticed, eh?

And you've accomplished everything you set out to do last January, right?

So you're ready to ease into the full holiday mode, party and relax?

Good for you!

You certainly deserve it and congratulations.

With the new year approaching you can start with goals and targets for your 2020.

The only information you need to compile now is the "what."

As in "what's next for you?"

The "how" comes later.

A suggestion, if I may?

Consider a mentor to move you forward faster and it's not by accident that 93% of the world's richest people have one.

Join us for breakfast any Wednesday and let's see if a mentor would be a good fit for you?

Now back to "makin' a list."

It's to be a list of all the people you want to say "thank you" to for making your year a success.

November 20 2019 Transform and Empower ~ https://conta.cc/2XkQUkF

Need immediate assistance with growing  your company, building your career or advancing your ideas?

If so, you're in the right place.

We've been doing this awhile.

Here's what people say about us.


We're a not for profit cooperative association of business owners and we operate entirely without grants, gifts, donations, contributions or public funding.

We're totally independent and proud of it.

Come have breakfast Wednesday and we'll see about showing you how to be totally independent, too!

This breakfast on the 20th is an open forum and you can speak freely about your ideas, wants and needs.

Breakfast not convenient or you are already very well established and seek to return something to the community, connect with us here and we'll discuss possibilities and opportunities.

November 13 2019 Transform and Empower ~ https://conta.cc/2NIfMOM
0814cool-animated-gif-33.gif (3827221 bytes)
While our corporate clients have ranged from pre-startups to the largest companies in the world and from universities to governments and from economic development groups to charities and our start-ups have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston, some nationally and some even internationally, rather than me tell you all the successful projects, processes and procedures we've transformed clients with over the years, it's far quicker for you to just tell me what it is you want to do.

Come have breakfast any Wednesday and we'll see what's to be done so that you are empowered.

November 6 2019 Mind Over Matter ~ https://conta.cc/2NzSB9g
1106GearHead.gif (90546 bytes)As a lad growing up I was taught I could do anything I "put my mind to."

I learned that "where there is a will, there is a way."

That "difficulties could be over-come."

That "quitting is not an option."

That "perseverance provides success."

The list goes on and on.

Where did all this come from you may ask?

From my parents, my grand-parents, my uncles and aunts, my cousins, my teachers, my coaches, my band-masters.

This list goes on and on, too.

And of course the little voice in my head that encourages me to "figure it out" and "get it done."

This is the same voice only I can hear that has me occupy my thoughts in the how to do it and not the not the doubt that it can be done.

Is the little voice in your head president of your fan club, your chief supporter and supplying you with positive mental attitude?

Come have breakfast with us any Wednesday and we'll see what's to be done so that your little voice knows it works for you to achieve those things you want to accomplish.

Breakfast not convenient?

Connect with me here.

October 30 2019 Scary ~ https://conta.cc/362LM8L
AnimatedQuestionMark10.gif (730251 bytes)

No, I'm not talking about Halloween.

What I'm referring to is we're running out of 2019.

Have you accomplished what you set out to do for the year!

If so, congratulations.

Good job.

If not, why not?

You still have several months remaining.

Let's get it in gear, eh?

Come have breakfast with us Wednesday and I'll share some simple secrets on what you might think of doing so that you complete your "to do list" before you run out of time.

October 23 2019 Motivation ~ https://conta.cc/2pqMjR8

CheerLeader.gif (257262 bytes)

Some number of years ago the topic of motivation came up in a group conversation.

And in particular, self-motivation. 

So what motivates you?

How about doing what you love and having your passion demonstrated in the results you produce?

How about creating happy customers, clients, staff and co-workers.

How about self-fulfillment and satisfaction? 
How about the discovery of what's never been done before and seeing it become widely accepted and implemented? 

The latter is a personal favorite of mine.

Years ago the belief was that entrepreneurship could not be taught.

This opinion, by the way, was solidly held by tenured professors in business schools who taught management courses.

They "knew all about business" and if they couldn't teach it - "because it was unteachable" - then no one could.

Pipe-smoking research scientist that I am had me believe that entrepreneurship could be taught by successful entrepreneurial business owners.

So I arranged to have them put in classrooms in the business incubators we had founded, Houston's first and Texas' oldest.

You know what happened next.

It became an "overnight sensation" with colleges and universities around the world teaching entrepreneurship using their successful entrepreneurial business owners in the classrooms.

Come have breakfast with us any Wednesday and I'll share what our latest discoveries are and they all have to do with you.

October 16 2019 What - How - When ~ https://conta.cc/2IEDcmB
1016clock.gif (6663 bytes)

1. You've decided what it is you want to do?.

2. So, get started. No procrastination. No fear. No delays. No reasons or excuses.

3. And give yourself a schedule with tasks and time lines.

4. You've decided the "what." Next is the "how" and "when."

5. Business plans totally unnecessary, thank you.

6. Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford - the list goes on and on - no business plan.

7. You have a resource mix.

8. Time, Money, Ability, Contacts, Energy, Attitude, Integrity.

9. Which can you really do without?

10. (T)(M)(Ab)(C)(E)(At)(I) = Desired results. No zeros allowed.

11. Bring in additional input should you encounter doubts or delays.

12. A mentor will move you forward faster with what's to be done, knowledgeable on how to do it and motivated it get it accomplished.

13. 93% of the world's richest people have a mentor.

14. Why do you suppose that is?

Come have breakfast with us any Wednesday and we'll discuss what you want to do, how and when.

October 9 2019 Quarantined ~ https://conta.cc/2o03t7Q
universe.gif (1116220 bytes)

Scientists tell us the universe is a vast space.

More than a billion light years across and continuing to expand.

They say it's more than 13.8 billion years old and contains billions of galaxies.

They also say that about 65 million years ago, plus or minus a few hundred thousand years, a massive asteroid hit earth killing off more than 70% of the life forms and taking millions of years for our planet to recover.


They also tell us that all the basic requirements for life generation is found in the cosmic dust that blankets the universe, leading me to think that the probability exists that there are numerous planets in the universe that didn't have the major setback our earth did.


While we may have clues and theories that earth might have had visitors in the past we have no absolute proof.

So what's the deal?

I would suspect that other more advanced life forms have been monitoring earth for years and have no plans of visiting until we stop killing one another.

Me thinks we've been quarantined until we get our act together.

So what does this have to do with our Co-Op's mission to grow companies, advance careers and move new ideas forward?

Easy answer - we're making things better one person at the time and have the track record to prove it.

Come have breakfast with us any Wednesday and we'll see if what we're doing will move you in the direction you want to go to make the world a better place.

October 2 2019 Ah, but and you know ~ https://conta.cc/2lEUs30
1002ah (2).gif (105936 bytes)
Ever been listening to a conversation or a presentation where the speaker was continually injecting a "you know," a "but" or an "ah"?

They will say a few words, pause, then say "ah," "you know," or "but," then continue with another few words and repeat the "but," "you know" or "ah."

And while I want to be a respectful listener, my patience runs out and enough is enough! 

Here's why.

It's been my experience that those guilty of these injections are totally unconscious of them and will continue to insert the words into the conversation or presentation in the future.

Follow me on this, please?

The speaker/presenter is completely, totally, absolutely unaware of the injections.

They don't know they are doing it.

If they knew, they would stop, eh?

So, two things to correct the matter.

The easiest is when the speaker asks for questions or comments.

You'll be doing them a favor by commenting on their injections and saving future audiences the grief.

No opportunity for questions, then track down the speaker and the individual who booked them and tell them of all the junk word "clutter" they use.

Come have breakfast with us any Wednesday and we'll see if you inject junk into your conversations or presentations and if so, how it can be easily corrected.

September 25 2019 Where to??? ~ https://conta.cc/30tFDyg
compass3.gif (262042 bytes) Where do you want to go?

I'm not asking regarding a geographic destination.

My question is directed toward your business, career or moving a new idea forward.

It's progressing from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

And while the future cannot be reliably predicted or controlled, it can be influenced to yield a more favorable outcome, especially when compared to doing nothing regarding any advancement you may seek.

Come have breakfast with us Wednesday and we'll talk about where you are now, where you want to go and what can be done to get you there.

Just so you know we've been doing this awhile now - since 1983.

It's not magic.

It's a proven methodology to move you forward.

Breakfast not possible because of time or location constraints?

Then give me a call or connect on Skype.

September 18 2019 Follow-up ~  https://conta.cc/2A96rcH
followup.gif (42238 bytes)
You're out networking and meeting new people?


And you remember to get their business card?

Another great!

And you ask them what they do or what they are interested in, yes?

Yoo hoo!

And your parting remark as you go on to meet more people is "let's keep in touch?"


So what remains?

You put them in your database and do your follow-up before your head hits the pillow.

A recommended method is an email to generate hard copy for your files and theirs.

Start with something like "What a pleasure meeting you!"

Then "I look forward to learning more about you."

And end with "Should you know of someone who needs (fill in what it is you do), please think of me."

That's it.

Piece of cake.

Keep in touch by sending your newsletter or periodic updates and connect with them on social media like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Remember to include in your notes where you met them and what they might be seeking assistance with.

Come have breakfast with us Wednesday and we'll show you how to turn your contacts into clients!

September 11 2019
Getting to your "Yes" ~  https://conta.cc/34xzogu
yes1.gif (863302 bytes)
Getting the yes!

Growing a company, building a career, or advancing a new idea you need "Yeses."

Let's talk about start-ups for a moment.

More start-ups fail because they run out of money than all other reasons combined.

Yet they typically have a viable product or service.

What they don't have is personal selling skills.

Turns out personal selling can be taught.

We're not talking social media.

We're talking face-to-face words that sell.

What's the benefit to the decision maker, for instance?

In The Co-Op we teach personal selling skills.

One of the tools we use is "The Guest Game."

First rule is you have to ask.

Second rule is you have to follow-up.

Learn how to have Guests at Chapter Meetings and you learn how to sell.

It's not magic, it's a methodology that produces a predictable and very favorable result: a "yes!"

Come have breakfast with us Wednesday and we'll show you how to get "yeses" for your project!

September 4 2019 Labor Day Edition ~ https://conta.cc/32kdFq7
AnimatedLaborDAy.gif (70633 bytes) Labor Day in the United States of America is a public holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September.

It honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the development, growth, endurance, strength, security, prosperity, productivity, laws, sustainability, persistence, structure, and well-being of the country.

It is the Monday of the long weekend known as Labor Day Weekend.

It is recognized as a federal holiday.

Beginning in the late 19th century, as the trade union and labor movements grew, trade unionists proposed that a day be set aside to celebrate labor.

"Labor Day" was promoted by the Central Labor Union and the Knights of Labor, which organized the first parade in New York City.

In 1887, Oregon was the first state of the United States to make it an official public holiday.

By the time it became an official federal holiday in 1894, thirty states in the United States officially celebrated Labor Day.

from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

August 28 2019 What's best for you ~ https://conta.cc/31PZwAO
0828ng.gif (962092 bytes)Houston is filled with "networking" groups.

How do you pick the one best for you?

Of course you can always go visit them one by one to decide.

That will only take you a few years.

And then you have to go visit the new ones that were started while you were visiting the established ones.


Sounds like a never ending process which can be made much simpler.

For instance, what's the difference between a networking group and a business development group?

Taa daa!

Easy answer: "Business!"

So you really want a business development group rather than a networking group.

And speaking of "development," wouldn't it be great to discover a group that "develops" you while providing you business and contacts and professional growth.

Something along the lines of "connect, learn, grow and prosper."®

And a group that's been around awhile (since 1983) and worked with lots of people (65,500+).

And has a successful track record of "growing companies, building careers and moving new ideas forward."®

And has a history of returning to the community, like demonstrating that entrepreneurship can be taught.

Join us for breakfast any Wednesday morning and I'll introduce you to just such a group.


August 21 2019 It's all about change ~ https://conta.cc/31JUHZV
0821change.gif (3452255 bytes)
and how well you adapt to it.

So how do you get the word out about your business or career?

Change is inevitable, adjustment is important.

For instance once upon a time to advertise your business there was a telephone directory called The Yellow Pages.

And to go out and meet other people for business development or career advancement there were chambers of commerce and various professional organizations.

There's still radio, TV and newspapers for advertising or promotion as well as fund-raising functions where you can dress up, go meet people and make contributions to a good cause.

You've no doubt noticed social media is robust and networking groups are multiplying.

Meetups abound and they're everywhere on every subject.

However, the shopping/buying experience has changed dramatically and there's still much, much more change to come.

For you to best get the word out about your company, products, services or career, come meet people face-to-face over breakfast with us any Wednesday morning.

We'll teach you how to craft a memorable introduction and get you noticed as Featured Speaker, Motivational Speaker and/or Business Showcase.

August 14 2019 Fix The Problem Not The Blame ~ https://conta.cc/2yVOUnF
0814pf3.gif (1492565 bytes) Have you noticed all the finger pointing that's going on in Washington by the politicians.

These people remind me of very badly behaving, very spoiled children.

Total clowns without the makeup.

How do we get those who are "duly elected" to focus on fixing the problems and not the blame so that our country continues to be a world leader? How do we impress upon them that arguing is not a solution to even the most complex issues facing our great nation?

Come share your ideas and opinions with us at breakfast Wednesday morning.

I need not remind you that you will please leave your arguments, pointing fingers and any negative attitudes at the door.

We'll make a list of items to be fixed and send it to Washington from "we, the people."To have your issues be included, just show up on the 14th.

Fix the problem, not the blame.

August 7 2019 Windows of Opportunity ~  https://conta.cc/31jv4yQ

0807window.gif (4862418 bytes) Opportunity presents itself.

Sometimes when you're not even looking.

So what do you do?

Choice one: ignore it.

Choice two: act on it.

Now we've met some folks who are totally, absolutely completely content with whatever they have going and any change is simply not a consideration, thank you very much!

Their life - their choice - certainly ok with us.

For those others who want to pursue an opportunity, oh boy, hooray, let's do it, eh?

We've been in this active support mode for a goodly number of years and some of the individuals we've worked with are brand names in Houston now!

Come have
breakfast with us any Wednesday morning and discover how we can very effectively guide you in developing your opportunity.

Breakfast not convenient?

Then call or click to chat.

We're here for you and we love what we're doing to speed new ideas along.

July 31 2019 Aspirations ~ https://conta.cc/2SMytTG

0731questionmark.gif (46281 bytes)Webster's Dictionary:  ardently desiring; strong wish; high desire.

It's a simple process to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

It's not magic and it produces a predictable result: accomplishment.

Start with the attitude that it can be done and you're going to discover how to do it.

Make sure the little voice in your head is offering positive suggestions in moving you forward and not doubts that hold you back.

Devise some action steps that you can achieve. Create an empowerment team that you can count on to offer constructive input.

Come have breakfast with us any Wednesday and discover how we can assist you in successfully fulfilling your vision for creating your future.

July 24 2019 Teamwork ~ https://conta.cc/2Y0BBMM
0724teamwork.gif (274758 bytes)Team playing skills.
What are they?

Do you have them?

Are they important?

Why are they important?

In my youth I was on several teams; football, baseball, basketball.

I remember practice, practice, practice and more practice.

Yes, we won championships.

In band it was the same thing: practice, practice, practice.

We had to march right and we had to sound right.

Maybe "right" is too lame.

More like "perfect!"

Yes, we won competitions.

Now what about career?

Co-Op Associates have held positions of leadership in too many organizations to list here.

Now what about business?

Co-Op Associates have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston, some nationally and some even internationally.

Do you have to have team playing skills?

You betcha if you want satisfaction and success!

And do you practice?

Of course you do.


Want to learn more about team playing skills and perfect practice producing perfect results?

Come have breakfast with us Wednesday and see team playing in action.

July 17 2019 Houston's Greatest Energy Resource ~ https://conta.cc/2NRBP9m

animated_DollarSign.gif (21203 bytes)We describe "success" as having fun, making money and doing good!

Our clients do what they love and are well paid for it.

Their passion is demonstrated in the results they produce which makes for very happy customers!

Our special thanks to all the Houston Entrepreneurlal Heroes who came out for the celebration lunch at Gallery Furniture last week.

These are the people who are responsible for organizations that keep Houston, Texas "The Entrepreneurial Capital of the World!"

What's next for you or your business, career, company or organization?

Make it something worthy of you and should you need assistance, join us for breakfast Wednesday to meet some of the exceptional people we're working with.

July 10 2019 Making It Happen ~ https://conta.cc/2JnWoG3
Animated-Light-bulb.gif (534031 bytes)You've heard there are three types of people:

1) Those that make things happen.

2) Those who watch things happen.

3) Those that say "what happened?"

Should you be in that top tier, let's get you booked as the Featured Speaker at one of our meetings so you can share those skills with a receptive audience.

In the event you're not that top level, come have lunch with us this Wednesday and we'll get you started on the path of motivating, inspiring and leading others into changes that make them happier and the world a better place to live, work and play.

Alas, should you be that bottom rung, we'll introduce you into the political world, where you will be surrounded by people who will gleefully point out what's happening from their very biased and selective point of view.

July 3 2019 Virtual World ~ https://conta.cc/2Nk9B6E

0612globe.gif (650162 bytes) Do you remember days gone by when:

You wanted to buy something, you went to a store?

You wanted a hot meal you didn't prepare yourself, you went to a restaurant?

You needed information, you went to a library?

These days, whatever you want is only a click away.

Business incubation, career development and mentoring also just a click away.

If you want it, click it!

June 26 2019 Hope vs. Faith ~ https://conta.cc/2RoGb5X
AnimatedQuestionMark2.gif (764300 bytes)

Over the years we've been asked many times: "What is it you do?"

Our direct response is: "We grow companies, build careers and advance ideas.

Most often the next question is: "How do you do that?"

And while the first question (the what) has an easy answer the second question (the how) is not so easy.

You see each person, idea and situation is different.

One size does not fit all.

And an effective development methodology is determined by the resources, attributes and aptitude of the person we're working with.

As pioneers in the incubator industry we discovered an accurate way to take the individual from where they were at the moment to where they wanted to be in the future.

We had our clients abandon "hope," for instance, and substitute "faith" instead.

Think about those two words for just a moment.

What's the difference between hope and faith?

If you had to select one or the other to work with, which would you choose?

Come share your thoughts with us any Wednesday morning at breakfast.

June 19 2019 Entrepreneurship ~ https://conta.cc/2IbIUg2
0619entrepreneurship.gif (1344019 bytes)
You've noticed that some people have the amazing capability of turning defeat into victory.

And of overcoming any and all obstacles in their path to victory.

It's interesting to me that sometimes our government seems to miss such simple facts that are so obvious and compelling.

Take "entrepreneurship" for instance.

Entrepreneurship is absolutely, totally, completely color-blind and gender neutral.

Yet there are those who continually say that being a minority or female or gay requires special set-asides because these people are disadvantaged.



Glad you asked!

So they can go get tax-payer money to set up special programs to "help" these "disadvantaged" business owners. 

Have you any idea, by the way, of how much these people actually pay themselves for their "noble" cause.


You'll find it shocking! 

Talk about "gaming the system!" 

And the largest such group in the United States, originally funded on a temporary basis to ease those negatively impacted in the great recession to become self-employed has no oversight leadership to monitor top level salaries.

Now I'm not talking about such groups as SCORE, who are essentially volunteers and don't draw a salary.

And I am speaking out about those other groups who set up charity programs (AKA programs funded by tax dollars) for those who don't want or need charity.

Let's talk about women business owners, for instance.

We surveyed thousands of women business owners and women business owners-to-be before setting up our Womens Business Center Incubator (first in the United States).

These thousands of women we talked with gave us their priorities in a very clear manner: "a level playing field" and  "a hand up."

They emphatically did not want a "hand-out" or "charity."

They did not consider themselves disadvantaged and in the process of forming their own companies began starting businesses at a faster rate than men.

They objected, vigorously, when individuals or organizations said they needed charity to get started or be successful. 

Methinks those organizations out there still "gaming" the system, having no oversight controls or monitoring should be shut-down. 

And let's get them to publish their salaries, all the way to the top, since it's "public funding" and you'll see what I mean. 

We see chambers of commerce, networking groups and other self-funded organizations doing just fine, thank you, in developing Houston small businesses. 

If and when you ever decide you want to start a business please heed this suggestion: make sure whomever you may be speaking with seeking advice has hand-on business ownership experience.

Also be aware the most progressive organizations have the convenience of you connecting via phone, chat or Skype for business assistance or career guidance.

Have you thoughts or opinions?

Come share them any Wednesday morning at breakfast.
June 12 2019 Pondering? ~ https://conta.cc/2QPWo3L
0612decisions.gif (459371 bytes)
Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

Oh my!

So many considerations.

So much to ponder.

So many options, alternatives and possibilities.

You can think the situation to death!

Or, you can stop thinking and start doing!

Uh huh - just do it!

And if it doesn't work the first time, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and proceed with the knowledge you've gained!

Still stuck?

Get yourself a mentor.

Want to know more?

Come have breakfast any Wednesday morning.

June 5 2019 Politics, good or bad? ~  https://conta.cc/2EHrhCA

0605pc10.gif (639650 bytes)Many years ago, I was taught the duty and privilege of voting.
I think it was during the 6th grade.

Grammar School is what that used to be called - grades 1 to 6.

I have no idea what that's called now, just as I have no idea of what's going on within our political system.

It appears to me that there is a lot of name calling, high intensity arguments and varying levels of facts in this system these days.

I don't recall this from previous years in elected representatives responsible to move our nation forward.

I do, however, recall a conversation I had with my father, God rest his soul.

My dad was career military and his term regarding politicians was "a necessary evil."

These days I'm wondering how necessary, why evil and what can be done about it?

Our focus remains on growing companies, building careers and advancing ideas.

We are independent and self-funded, operating entirely without gifts, grants, donations, contributions or the whims and disagreements of tax funding.

Have some opinions?

Come share them over breakfast any Wednesday morning.

May 29 2019 About Investors ~ https://conta.cc/2HMSepc
money.gif (1973062 bytes)Should you be considering obtaining an investment for your startup idea, please remember the 6 "P"s the investor will be evaluating. 
They are:

1. Person
(That's you bright eyes. Come across as confident and answer any questions presented to you with honesty.)
2. Product
(That's the industry, product or service. Should your intended investor typically invest only in real estate, they probably won't be a good investment prospect if you are inventing a widget.)
3. Process
(What's their investment money to be used for. If it's to pay you a salary to get the idea off the ground, the investor will most likely decline the opportunity.)
4. Progress
(How do you intend to monitor and report on your project?)
5. Performance
(What benchmarks will you be using for implementation?)
6. Payback
(What amount and when will the investor receive their return on investment?)

May 22 2019 Oops
~ https://conta.cc/2HxFPp1
Oops1.gif (36630 bytes)In our next life we can be perfect.

In this one we get to be human.

Humans make mistakes.

Sometimes the most serious consequence is the "oops moment."

It's when we embarrass ourselves and maybe those around us.

It's often very difficult not to laugh with the oops.

When it happens, we clean up any corresponding mess, cut ourselves some slack and learn from the experience.

Of course any friends, staff, clients or co-workers who witnessed our moment will continue to enjoy our "oops" for many years to come.

See more "Oops Moments here.

May 15 2019 Making Progress? ~ https://conta.cc/2Vrtywa
0515AnimatedQuestionMark.gif (33842 bytes)Should you not know where you're going, how will you know when you get there?
Heard that before?

As a kid growing up I certainly did.

And later in life, when I would do cross-country sports car rallies, it made "lotsa" sense.

So the simple answer to where you're going is decide where you want that to be when you get there.

That's also called success.

AKA as havin' fun, makin' money an' doin' good.

AKA high quality of life - high standard of living and   high return to the community.

Now if your goal is to win one of the "lotto" jackpots, please keep me posted on your progress, eh?

Otherwise, come have breakfast with us any Wednesday morning and I'll share with you the process of getting from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

It's not magic, it's a methodology that produces a predictable result.

AKA "success."

May 8 2019 Sales ~ https://conta.cc/2GPF3Dk
0508sales.gif (237823 bytes)
Should you be a business owner or otherwise involved in the selling process, let me share some of our discoveries.

Answer four simple questions in this process.
1. What are you selling? Besides yourself, of course. Is it better, cheaper, innovative and how so.
2. Who will buy? Identifying your intended customer. They have to have the money, need and confidence you can provide what
they want.
3. How do you access? Informing your target market about your product or service.
4. At what cost? The costs for you to define and notify your target market and the costs your customers incur in making the

Have questions or need assistance, bring your idea to breakfast with us any 
Wednesday and we'll tailor a selling model that works for you.

Can we really do that?

You betcha!

Please remember that our companies have won virtually ever award for business growth in
Houston, some nationally and some even internationally.

April 24 2019 Take the Chance ~ https://conta.cc/2Xlj8dW

0424graphic.gif (832824 bytes)How well do you understand and operate at risk?

As you may know, some people are totally, absolutely, completely risk averse.

If it's not a sure thing they avoid it entirely.

These types of people are not bad, wrong or deficient.

They just, by nature, avoid risks.

Others like the excitement of venturing into the unknown, especially if they have the opportunity to do something previously undiscovered.

They thrive on making these discoveries, achieving new things, and accomplishing what's never been done before.

Should you be a risk taker, come have breakfast with us any Wednesday and share your vision of a creation.

Many others have.

April 17 2019 Creating Success ~ https://conta.cc/2UtkGW5
0417graphic.gif (2044 bytes)
You don't need anyone's permission to be successful!

It's your life.

Live it so you're having fun, making money and doing good.

Make sure that little voice in your head (that only you can hear) keeps you focused on the "what" you want to do and the "how" to do it.

Please remember that little voice works for you and not the other way around.

Give yourself some goals, targets, aspirations or ambitions to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Believe in yourself and your abilities to achieve your future.

Keep a positive mental attitude.

Never give up and make your accomplishments worthy of you.

Should your interests involve growing a company, building a career or advancing an idea, come have breakfast with us any Wednesday.

April 10 2019 Time is Money ~ https://conta.cc/2Ke4pjs
0410graphic.gif (1151953 bytes)Some say it's all about time.
60 seconds to the minute.

60 minutes to the hour.

24 hours to the day.

7 days to the week.

Time is fixed.

Just for fun, go lookup all the quotes about time.

What we do with it, ah, not so fixed, eh?

Here's my take on it.

You decide how to pass through your time.

Your life.

Your choices.

Enjoy! And should your interests involve growing a company, building a career or advancing an idea, come have breakfast with us any Wednesday.

Chances are excellent that we can show you how to use your time having fun and making money in the process.

April 3 2019 What's Your Target? ~ https://conta.cc/2JKcJqC

0403graphic.gif (223829 bytes)
What is it you want to accomplish?

Does it keep changing?

Kinda like a moving target, eh?

Let's see if we can make it more stationary.

And let's have it consist of such things as financial freedom doing something you love that there is a excellent demand for.

Some very simple rules to follow.

First you decide "what."

Then you decide "how."

We've been assisting people in this process for years now.

Let's see if it would also work for you.
Come have breakfast with us Wednesday and share your target.

Find these suggestions helpful? You can have them delivered to your mailbox once each week every Thursday morning. Cost is only $50.00 a year. Make your payment here.


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