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  What others said about their Assessments:

Getting Started
Entrepreneurial/Intrapreneurial Assessment

Click here if you're still in the "just thinking about it" stage.

"Informative, enthusiastic and confidence inspiring."
Brian J. Nichelson, Ph.D.
TechMatters Institute

"Impressive. It really made me think!"
Frederick Ezeka
FE Global Health Information Systems, LLC


Greg Williams
Goode Coffee

"It was very good."
Teresa R. Juan
EquiPro Sales, Inc.

"It worked for me!"
Kathleen O'Brien
Business Support Center

"The session was productive in helping
me focus."

Robert Cardenas
Attorney at Law

"Had me distinguish some things about
my new business I had not distinguished."

Jeff Robbins
Advant-Edge Capital Solutions

"Very, very informative."
Scott and Becky Brooks
Brooks Marketing and Research

"I received enlightenment and inspiration for my personal vision."
Sol Bobst, Ph.D.

"Excellent beginning for my business."

Hugh Esters
HE Graphics

"I can't think of a better way to start a business."
Jacqueline LaCalli
The JRP Group

"The best investment I ever made in my business."
James Domengeaux

"Thought provoking. It allowed me to
think outside the box."

Nickcole Byrd
Upscale Concierge

"Introspective yet practical."
Marc Rodriguez
Sentinel Biologics, Inc.

"The Assessment was hugely informative, interactive, thought-provoking and an invaluable aid to focusing on my
business and personal resources."
Barbara R. Gammer
BRG Consulting

"The Assessment was an impactful, knowledge-filled experience."
Dale Brock
Quality Care Plus

"This has been truly what I was looking for."
Margarita Hernandez
Speaking Espanol

"I learned a lot about where to focus my energy and how to proceed."
Shannon Palmer
Your Personable Chef

"I'm moving forward with the knowledge gained."
Johnathan Sage
Johnathan Andrew Sage, Inc.

A special, two to four hour (or more, depending on the number of people you bring) informational exchange exercise to have you identify your resources, attributes and aptitude for the entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial process, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, set goals for what your business and/or career might accomplish in 3 to 5 years, construct a preliminary strategy to achieve your objective(s), begin the next step(s) for the idea, business, career or practice and, if you wish, examine the requirements to see if it is appropriate for you to be in an Entrepreneurial Development Program(sm) of the incubators.

The Assessment is a mandatory step in the event you are seeking funding for a startup venture or expansion capital for an established venture and an excellent first step in moving the idea forward even should you not be seeking capital.

The Assessment is divided into several modules lasting from 15 to 30 minutes each and define the next step in the development of the idea, business, career or practice. Some modules are written, others are oral. As each module is completed, the Assessment proceeds into the next. Portions of the modules are video-taped for quality control.

Some of the exercises are timed so that you may compare your responses with others who have taken the Assessment. The value of a total immersion structured development methodology is explored with the interaction of the advisory board, mentor and professional development coach. The importance of an accountability schedule is discussed and what that might look like in your case.

We will perform the Assessment at a time convenient to you. No public funds, grants, contributions or donations are sought or accepted. The co-op and business incubators are models for self-sufficiency and, as a demonstration of proficiency, are entirely self-sufficient, relying on fees for services performed.

To put you at risk and have you fully participate in the assessment, a sliding scale fee is charged. You set the rate based on your level of financial resource, sophistication, number of years in business and unique entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial acumen. (Minimum and maximum rates are determined by the incubator executive committee and not the research department.) At the close of the session, in the event that you don't feel as though you received your money's worth, your fee is declined. No hassle. The customer is always right.

The Assessment is performed under a complete confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

To schedule an Assessment, call (713) 932-7495 today.

Should you be taking the Assessment remotely, click here.

Established in 1983: Houston's first and Texas' oldest small business incubator and the first Womens Business Center in the nation and the first Virtual Incubator in the world!

More comments:

"Enlightening and validating." Stephanie McKenzie - Exclamation Points

"It was extremely valuable."
David Garrison, Ph.D. - Fast Financial Analysis

"Informative, educational and motivational." Rispba McCray-Garrison - Fast Financial Analysis

"Excellent guide to focus the direction and context in which the business partners should apply their resources." Gavin Zietsman - All Cash Flow Solutions

"Session was very instructive and made us look at our business with a clearer idea of how to proceed." Veronica Page - All Cash Flow Solutions

"We uncovered the major source of a stop." Sally Smith - Connect Learning

"Enlightening and reconfirming what needs to be done." Frank Andrews - TBF & Associates

"I not only broadened my horizons on how to use my abilities, I learned practical skills for earning more money." Sandra Schuster - Technical Writer

"Productive and enlightening." Nancy Hogan - Nancy Corwin Hogan Interests

"Interesting and gave me a lot of insight." Sherrie Purvis - Pop Shots

"I feel much better prepared and have attained a confidence level whereby I can achieve my goals." Sarah Gallagher - Consultant

"It was an eye opener." Denah L. Duren, Ed.D. - Grant Writer

"The Assessment was profitable and enlightening." Ada Gonzalez, Ph.D. - Growth Coach

"Interesting, informative and inspiring." Hanako Brown - Hanako Designs, LLC

"Very enlightening. A good start for my business."  Bruce Miebs - Gulf Coast Financial Services

"I'm just excited about the future with the WBC." Wendolyn Smith - The Transcription Connection

"Informative, eye-opening, realistic and scary." Jacqlyn Bartz - Needles & Pins

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