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Advisory Board

The Participant's Incubator Entrepreneurial Development Program includes the assistance of an Advisory Board. Much like a properly-constructed Board of Directors, this Board serves to provide counsel and direction to the Participant and accelerate the Participant's growth.

Founded in 1985, click here to see a list of prior Advisory Board members, serving with distinction since that time.

Click here for
"Guide to Advisors." An informative "How To" for advisors and a "What To Look For" for those working with advisors or an advisory board.

Chairman of the Board:
MSander.jpg (1744973 bytes)
Marilyn Sander - 1995 - Womens Business Center Graduate Company
Owner, Proaction Careers
Chairman, Womens Business Center Advisory Board

CGray.jpg (443742 bytes)
Carolyn Gray - 2006
Owner, Zircon Consulting
JerryCooper.jpg (9999 bytes)
Jerry Cooper - 2013
President, CDC Integrated Services

C. Dean Kring - 1983
Director of Research
Services Cooperative Association
yay3.jpg (141613 bytes)
Yvonne Ybarra - 2012 - Womens Business Center Graduate Company
Owner, Yvonne A.Ybarra Photography

Advisory Board Coordinator


Paul Barela - 1983 - Entrepreneurial Development Center Graduate Company
Owner, BMW Financial Group
Chairman Emeritus Entrepreneurial Development Center Board
Past Chairman, Texas Business Incubator Association

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