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Service & Support Network Enrollment Agreement

To learn more about the reason for the fees and self-sufficiency, click here.

Cost is a one time fee of $150 for 1 full year and includes:
Free monthly WBAF; image of your business card; Link to your website

Simply complete the attached Service Agreement and mail with your check payable to SCA to 9527 Long Point Road, Houston Texas 77055. Or pay online by clicking here and faxing this agreement to 713-932-7498. (Make your $150.00 payment to SCA with the notation "Women's Business Assistance Forum Service & Support Network.") Your enrollment will be confirmed by email.

Contact name: _______________________________________________

Company name: ______________________________________________

Company address: _____________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________

Business area code and phone number: ___________________________

Cell area code and number (if used): _____________________________

Email address: _______________________________________________

Website URL: ________________________________________________

Business service specialties (maximum of 5 for introductory offer):

1: _________________________________________________________

2: _________________________________________________________

3: _________________________________________________________

4: _________________________________________________________

5: _________________________________________________________

By signature below, I attest I/my company is fully qualified as allowed by law to perform services as shown above. I herein indemnify WBAF, WBC, Emerging Business Centers, Inc. and Services Cooperative Association from any and all liability associated with my performing services regarding WBAF referrals from this site. Further, I am a woman owned business, have been in continuous operation for one (1) year or more and serving as an independent contractor with respect to this agreement and, if requested, will provide references of satisfied customers who have used my firm's services to become certified as a service provider. Additionally, I am not subject to any management, supervision, deductions, withholding or benefits by WBC. I agree that no referrals are being promised/guaranteed and that WBC will serve as sole arbitrator should any conflict arise between myself and any customer/client referred by WBAF. Finally, I agree that fees for my services to WBAF customers/clients will be at my lowest rate and are subject to verification by WBC.

Signature:________________________________________ Date: _________________

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