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Women's Business Assistance Forum
Vision Statement
"Sharing the '6 Ms' of Business Success for Women"
Management - Marketing - Mentoring - Methodology - Money - Motivation

The vision is to provide self-sufficiency for emerging women business owners.
"Give a woman a fish - you feed her a day. Teach a woman to fish - she feeds herself, and her family, a lifetime."

To do this, we, the WBAF Service & Support Network, must also be self-sufficient.
"You can't teach what you don't know."

The WBAF does not seek or accept gifts, donations, contributions, grants, charity or tax funding.
"There is no force so powerful as a group of like-minded women who are bonded in common purpose."

Though well-intentioned, "give-away" assistance programs, both charity and tax based, have sadly failed those women of pride, dignity, character and integrity who are seeking the hand up and not the hand out to become/remain independent.
"Charity is the bane of entrepreneurship."

We are succeeding in our purpose of creating and growing, independent, self-sufficient women business owners by providing the support, services and structure available from women business owners who have, themselves, achieved independence and self-sufficiency.
"To teach it, you must be able to do it."

What can you do?
"The secret to happiness is not what you can get for yourself, rather what you can do for others."
Dr. Dixie Melillo

Join the WBAF Service & Support Network. Share your company's services, and yourself, as a Mentor to WBAF clients.
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First in the nation! Making your business first!
Make it first for your business solutions!
For women business owners by women business owners.
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