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Virtual Accelerator Program

You have reached this page because you seek to provide assistance via the VAP.

You have several options available:

If you are located in the Greater Houston Area, please come have breakfast with The Co-Op any Wednesday morning. More information here.

Having the chance to speak with you face-to-face will give us a greater understanding of your current area of expertise and what your capalities might be.

You can also use the link below to arrange an evaluation session at a time and location convenient to you.
Your fee is not processed should you not be completrely satisfied.

Preliminary Consultation Fee

Should you wish to provide assistance the first step in the process is for you to make an introduction of yourself to the Advisory Board. The fee is $75.00 and these presentations are conducted the 2nd Wednesday of each month via Zoom, so you will prepay the Monday before the second Wednesday allowing the scheduling of your time of presentation. Here is a listing of prior Advisory Board Members. Please connect with C. Dean Kring on SKYPE should you have questions.

This page is being updated. Please check back for changes.

A few of the awards and letters of appreciation given.
Find endorsements here.

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