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Exhibitor Tips


  For a first show, this will be perfect for you.

  Here are the top 10 tips:

  1) Set up your display the day/night before or be sure that you are there at the precise setup time the day of the show.

  2) Have all your display items in one convenient cart/container to avoid multiple trips to your vehicle.

  3) Have a price list and order forms and contact forms should you have samples for sale.

  4) Have business cards and/or brochures and/or flyers and/or some type of handout material. including the type of companies you seek

  5) Have an assistant to help you work the show.
  6) Have promotional items or candy or something to attract people to your display.

  7) Collect business cards by offering a prize.

  8) Offer a special discount on items, if any, for sale at the show.

  9) Visit all the other displays and listen to their remarks and comments.

  10) After the show, be sure to do follow-up with everyone you've met.

  For more PR for your firm, send a nice "thank you" note on your business letterhead to the show sponsors/organizers after the show.                   

  With any luck, it will be published for additional publicity about your company/organization.

  Should you win one of the 5 "Best of Show" awards, put that on your website with a link back to the show site.

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