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The Co-Op Advantage
Transforming vision into reality, business by business.

Bottom line: Low cost, effective business solutions because we're business owners, not bureaucrats, academicians or retired administrators. We're not funded by some agency, charity, university or the government. We have actual "hands-on" successful business experience and have been training other business owners, building leaders and growing businesses since 1983.

Should your vision be small or immense, chances are excellent we can take you where you want to go. We know what works and what doesn't. We save you money and time and have you achieve your desired result faster than you can do it on your own.

The Co-Op Advantage gives you what you want to know and what you'll need to know in order to achieve your vision and it teaches you in the best way that you, individually, learn. In doing so, it unlocks and opens you to the realization of your full potential for accomplishment of the growth of your business.

You learn what to do and how to do it. It's not magic. It's methodology. It produces two very tangible results; a more dynamic, complete, capable, competent  you AND a successful business model for your business and your personality!

It's not by accident that Co-Op companies have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston, some nationally, some even internationally and they're still doing it.

Co-Op relationships have lasted decades because there is consistent value to Co-Op companies doing business AND referring business to one another.

The Co-Op provides you with essentially every resource you're likely to need for your training and business growth. Here are but a few: workshops, tele-seminars, trade shows, low cost advertising and marketing, temporary or full time office space, a web page or web site, virtual office assistant, complete back-office support services, graphic design, legal, accounting, tax advice, business advisor, co-working, an office identity, Wi-Fi,  business development, conference room, business specialists, other business owners on their way up, just like you, plus interactive, seasoned professionals who have been there, done that and donated the tee-shirt to charity.. Further, should you qualify, admission into the oldest business incubators in Texas providing you with a custom tailored development methodology, advisory board, mentor and professional development coach to accelerate your progress. Our Virtual Business Incubation Program was the first in the world!

To gain your hands-on business experience, the weekly Co-Op Business Building Breakfast Meeting is operated as an "example" small business and teaches all the ins and outs of marketing, operations, administration and finance of a business.

There are 5 tracks for business owners:

#1) Quick and easy. Just show up at the Business Building Breakfast meeting and observe what goes on. You don't even have to join.
#2) Less Quick and Still Easy. Join The Co-Op, become part of the Management Team and gain hands-on.business training.
#3) Not Quick and Less Easy. Pick a Mentor and gain the assistance of experience with a proven track record of growing companies
#4) Not Easy at All.  Participate in an incubator Entrepreneurial Development Program. Gain the guidance of a Mentor, Development Coach and an Advisory Board.
#5) Requires Experience. Secure a seat on the incubator Advisory Board and be part of the process to advance Houston entrepreneurs as you gain additional skills to expand your own business.

With The Co-Op, you also receive contemporary tips and tricks. Take networking, for instance; always popular and not always successful for four fundamental reasons:
#1) While the free networking events and free meet-up groups available these days are great fun, they are filled with sellers, not buyers. The statistics clearly demonstrate that the majority of the people attending "the freebies" have no money and the free events are all they can afford. When it comes to buying from you, forget it. They can't. Nor do they have a client base to refer to you. If they had clients, they'd have an income stream and would be attending the paid events where people have money to purchase.
#2) For groups where there are buyers, your introduction is part of the relationship-building and sales cycle. We'll teach you how to give an effective, attention-getting introduction resulting in both direct business and referrals.
#3) Meeting people is just the first half of the process. The second half is putting people you meet into a database so that you maintain contact with them, resulting in them thinking of you when it's time for them to buy and/or make the referral when someone they know needs what it is you do.
#4) To be remembered, put your picture on your business card, social media and website. If you don't include your picture, you're living under a rock.

Next Step? Attend a Co-Op Business Development meeting and discover how perfect they are for you when you're a business owner ready for growth! Join us for breakfast any Wednesday morning. Discover The Co-Op Difference and why The Co-Op consistently delivers referrals for your business.

Want more information? Should it be for yourself, or your immediate staff, or your entire company, tell us about your vision. When you've finished, press "send" and we'll respond immediately.

When we're online, ask us a question in live chat.

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Should you wish, we can have an informal informational exchange, face to face, via the Internet with Skype. ID is dean.kring

If you prefer telephone, you may reach me at 713.932.7495

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