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Did you know: Incubators operating as charities and with give-away programs have the lowest success rate for generating new businesses.

Charity is the bane of entrepreneurship.

Successful graduates of incubator programs were looking for a hand up, not a hand out.

We suggest that you conduct an independent study, as others have, to confirm the statistics.

The staff of the charity programs spend the majority of their time seeking continued funding, not in the development of programs to grow their client companies.

Many of the charity programs have no development programs or entry screening at all, refer to their clients as tenants and merely provide below market rate office space, actually competing with private sector.

In fact, the only people benefiting from these programs are the staff, with some measure of job security, until the incubator is ultimately shut down because of lack of performance.

This gives the entire industry negative publicity.

Forecasts indicate that a goodly number of those incubators not having achieved self-sufficiency will be closing. It's not because of a lack of need in their respective communities. The need is there. They will be closed because the funding is no longer available and those operating the incubator didn't develop a business model that produced self-sufficiency, continuing to rely, instead, on public funding. Further, there is increased scrutiny about public funding being used to compete with private sector.

We can show you how to have your incubator completely self-reliant.
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