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Need a Speaker?
Business Incubators?  Entrepreneurial Education? Economic Development?

Want to know more? Someone from the team of experts at Services Cooperative Association, sponsor to Houston’s first and Texas’ oldest business incubator and the first Womens Business Center in the nation and the first Virtual Incubator in the world (all operated without one dime of public funding, grants, contributions or donations) would be happy to bring that information to your organization. Our clients have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston, some nationally and some even internationally.

There is a full range of formats . . .

Executive briefings
Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner meetings
Town Hall

. . . and types . . .

Presentation: essentially no interaction with audience except (time permitting) the possibility of questions at close
Discussion: continual participatory interaction with the audience.

. . . and styles . . .


Should your organization be interested, please include the following information with your inquiry:

Specifics about the event: date, time, location, duration
Expected number in attendance at the event
General profile of the attendees of the event
Estimated budget and manner of promoting event

Estimated budget for speaker(s) including honorariums, travel and accommodations
Deadlines for submission of promotional information
Deadlines for submission of handout materials to be used with event
Information regarding who is responsible for copying of handout materials

We look forward to sharing with your organization what self-sufficient/self-sustaining business incubation, entrepreneurial education and economic development is all about from our 20+ years of experience and countless audiences, both public and private, ranging from 3rd graders to post graduate to town forums to executive boardrooms.

Should you wish us to reserve a specific date while you make final decision on speaker/topic selections, please include a $1,000 deposit (non-refundable) with your request to: Booking Office ~ Houston, Texas 77055 ~ ATTN: Yvonne Ybarra ~ (713) 932-7495
email: Booking
Make payment here if not sending check.

For a profile on our most requested presenter, C. Dean Kring, click here.

What people say:
"Your presentation, topic and delivery were superb."
Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
"Fascinating Topic!""

National Association of Women Business Owners
"Your presentation at our annual conference was educational, entertaining and inspiring."
California Business Incubation Network
"Your talk was timely, specific and user friendly."

Memorial Women's Business Team
"Excellent Presentationt!"

National Business Incubation Association
"These people thought you were great!"

Houston Chamber of Commerce
"I appreciate your willingness to provide your insights and expertise to address complex issues challenging our state."

Texas State Comptroller of Public Accounts
"On behalf of our Association I wish to express our sincere appreciation for your contribution to the success of our Annual Conference. Your information and candor were well received."

National Association of Mobile Health Providers

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