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Personal Selling Skills
(aka "Finding Needs and Filling Them")


Maybe you've never made the connection that your personal selling skills may be key to the success of your venture? Well, guess what? They will be.

Selling your banker for a loan or an investor on the concept. Selling to the buyers or to have people join your company as partners or employees. Selling to merchants to carry your product line or to media to give you good publicity.

You're going to be selling, so get used to the idea, become comfortable with it and get good at it..

Granted, there are all sorts of books, tapes, workshops and seminars on "selling." However, the majority of these products are either someone telling you how "they did it" or were designed for the sales professional, not the business owner.

Owning your own business is a "personal" endeavor, not a textbook study. Wouldn't you really prefer learning how "you" can best present yourself, your idea or your product or service in such a way as to have your target respond favorably?

I'll teach "you" how to sell you and and your idea, product or service in a manner that you can learn, you can do and you can be successful with. I've been teaching personal selling skills and the sales process for more than 40 years.

I have developed a very specialized Sales Coaching/Training methodology to improve your personal selling skills.

My clients have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston - some nationally and even internationally - and they continue to do so today.

Here are but a few of the endorsements kindly given me.

Yes, I charge a fee to have you paying attention to my suggestions and to avoid "tire-kickers." However, my real revenue is a very small five percent of the actual sales you generate under my guidance. I make money when you make money.

I have clients around the world. Connect with me on Skype and we'll get started. My ID is dean.kring.

Should you be in Houston, you can start honing your personal selling skills at the Houston CrossRoad$ Business Building Breakfast.

What people say:
"It worked for me!" Kathleen O'Brien - Owner, Business Support Center

"Learning to sell was my biggest obstacle." James Lyons - Developer

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