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Mentoring Mondays
Women's Business Assistance Forum Service & Support Network
Sharing the 6 'M's of Business Success for Women
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9:00 AM to 3:00 PM cst
Convenient Consulting by Telephone, Skype, or Go To Meeting
No drive time! ~ No waiting!
You have questions:

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We have answers!
You simply tell us what is your situation, condition, problem, issue or difficulty.
Or what you want to achieve, obtain, accomplish or reach.
Or what has you confused, stymied, blocked or stopped.

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And we'll provide suggestions to fit your conditions
that make sense to you or you don't pay a penny.

Now maybe you've never used a telephone advisor before.
Questions can be: about your career, your business, your business to be.
Really, it's a piece of cake! The only dumb question is the one unasked!

Private! ~ Confidential! ~ Go Smart! ~ Go Green!

However, don't procrastinate! Available times fill up fast!

C. Dean Kring, Director of Research, Womens Business Center (first in the nation) and a hands-on, experienced business owner.
More about Dean here.
Find a few endorsements here or check his profile on LinkedIn.

Just $25.00 for 25 minutes! Pay here!
WBAF Master Mind Focus Group Consulting.

Should you have difficulty with your payment, please go here

C. Dean Kring  C. Dean Kring

This is a private, confidential one time one on one consulting/coaching/mentoring session.
No long term commitment is required.
Don't be fooled by "free business consulting."
Womens Business Assistance Forum
First in the nation! Making your business first!
Make it first for your business solutions!
For women business owners and career professionals.
To learn about The Co-Op Advantage for women business owners, click here.
Womens Business Center
To learn about the first Womens Business Center incubator in the nation for
Women Business Owners and Career Professionals, click here.
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We're Houston Proud

  • It is suggested that sessions start on the hour or half hour. However, we have complete flexibility to accommodate your schedule.
  • When registering, please indicate the times convenient to you in order of priority. Presuming at least 1 of these times is available, you will receive a confirmation so indicating your time preference. Can't make your scheduled time? No problem. We'll be happy to rebook you for another time.
  • In the event there is no time slot available among your choices, we'll tell you the open times remaining or reschedule you for the following Monday or have your fee refunded.
  • In the event you are late for your session, any missed time cannot be recovered and the session cannot be extended when we have someone booked for the time immediately after yours. We apologize for this.
  • In the event you miss your session and haven't told us in advance, you will have forfeited your fee. We apologize for this.
  • All conversations are confidential. You will be sent a reply confirmation to whatever e-dress was used to register. If this is not your e-dress, make sure it is forwarded to you by whoever owns such e-dress.
  • At the close of the session, should you not be pleased with the information exchanged, your fee will be refunded. No questions asked.
  • All sessions are conducted via telephone or Skype for convenience and "Green Consulting."

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