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                              Instructions to Annual "Best Introduction" Contest Finalists

Annual Best Introduction Contest:
Finalists are the winners of the “Best Introduction” at the SCA CrossRoads Chapter meeting starting the first week in October and continuing through the fourth week in December. The Best Introduction Contest is conducted in conjunction with the Annual Houston Economic Forecast. If you are such a winner, your name, company name, a link to your website and, if possible, your logo will be/have been posted on the event site. 

To confirm you are attending and being a contestant, please purchase your ticket and making your payment with the notation “finalist.” We will then place “confirmed” next to your name on the event site. In the event you are unable to attend, simply reply to the email sent you with the notation “declined” and your name, company name, etc. will be removed from the event site and you will receive no further instructions regarding the contest. However, because of the excellent publicity generated in previous years, we encourage you to attend. 

Regarding Media: We cannot guarantee media will be present again this year. In years past, we’ve had radio, TV, major daily and weekly publications covering the event, where the winners have been interviewed and broadcast on prime time. We're told such publicity had a highly favorable impact on contestant businesses. Our suggestion is that you prepare for such a possibility: Speak in sound bites. Look at the person who asked you the question. Don’t look for the camera. The camera will find you. Make every statement  positive. Smile.

Instructions to Best Introduction Contest Finalists: On the day of the event you will have reserved seating and a 30 second intromercial presentation. Order of presentations is determined by the week in which you won the “Best Introduction” award at the Chapter Business Building Breakfast Meeting. Should you have declined attendance, your spot will be assigned to the winner of the following week. Standing in the rear of the room, facing the lectern, your section is on the left, next to the head table. There is a “Contestant” ribbon at each numbered seat. After you have selected your number, put on the ribbon, inserting your business card in the holder. The ribbons are attached to holders to accommodate horizontal business cards. Should you have a vertical business card, reposition the ribbon accordingly. Contestants give introductions last, after everyone else. The contest judge will introduce each contestant by number only: “Contestant Number One,“ etc. When introduced by your number, stand and give your presentation. The contest judge will raise the gavel when you have 5 seconds of time remaining for your presentation. The gavel will be lowered, sharply, at the end of your presentation. Should you exceed the time allocated, you are disqualified and any votes you receive are not counted. (And that would be a real shame,  especially should media be present?) After all the Contestants have given their presentation, the judge will call for ballots. The winner will be announced at the close of the meeting, with the First Place Certificate going to the Contestant receiving the most votes, Second Place to the person with the next, etc. Winners will be announced in reverse order.

Specific instructions to Contestants include the following:
1. Contestants do not introduce anyone other than themselves.
2. Contestants will refrain from hitting, striking and/or otherwise accosting other Contestants.
3. Contestants will not use props and in particular any device that makes noise, emits smoke, fire or has flashing light(s).
4. Contestants will not disrobe. (No “wardrobe malfunctions,” please.)
5. Contestants will make no overt sound signifying approval or disapproval of another Contestant’s presentation.
6. The decision of the judge is final and the winning Contestant allows Services Cooperative Association to post name and company name on the website and engrave same on a permanent plaque located at SCA Central. 

Exhibit tables and Sponsor opportunities are available to finalists. In prior years, finalists with display tables have received more media coverage than those without. More information, here.

Should you have specific questions, please call 713.932.7495 or email here. Thank you for your participation and good luck!!

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