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Hosting Delegations
(Mr. C. Dean Kring, Director of Research,
has hosted delegations from around the nation and around the world.)

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To schedule your delegation, we must have pre-payment. Once your payment is confirmed, we will schedule the date, time and location. Should the meeting be during breakfast or lunch, we will host the meal.

This is for a two hour meeting. Should you require translators, please add $500.00 per hour.

Number in Delegation

Dean is the most tenured owner / operator / manager in the National Business Incubation Association, having maintained continuous operation of the Entrepreneurial Development Center - the oldest business incubator in Texas - since 1985, completely without external financing.

He also founded the first Womens Business Center in the nation and the first remote incubation program in the world. His current project is a residency business incubator.

Dean's incubator clients have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston..

Dean's organizational clients have included chambers of commerce, economic development groups, colleges, universities, city, county, state and national governments around the globe.

"Building Businesses?"
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Your wish . . .
click here and tell us what we can do for you
or call us at 713.932.7495x11

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Certified Incubator Development Group

Our incubator assistance is worldwide. Here is a very small sample:
"Certainly worth the time and money."
Cynthia Shaiu - Deputy Director US, Canada and Europe Taipei Economic and Cultural Office

"Your insights were extremely helpful and most beneficial in the development of our project."
Sarah Gallagher - Economic Development Director, City of Boonville

"Thank you for the extraordinary attention."
Paul Cummings - International Visitor Program, Institute Of International Education

"I can only begin to tell you how pleased I am with the intensive training I received in preparation for launching our incubator project in Harlem."
Yvonne Stafford - Secretary, Harlem Business Alliance

"Once again, thank you so sincerely."
Yeboa Amoa, Managing Director, Ghana Stock Exchange

"Working with you and SCA has been a real blessing and I thank you for all you do for entrepreneurs in Houston."
Dr. Martin Bressler, Professor of Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Fulbright Scholar & Sam Walton Fellow, Houston Baptist University

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* Service Mark of Services Cooperative Association.

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March 14th, 2020 we celebrated 37 years of start-up small business development, new venture incubation, entrepreneurial education and emerging enterprise assistance totally without grants, gifts, donations. contributions or public funding!

More than 51,346 people -  local, statewide, nationally and internationally - have been our clients in our various economic development projects.




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