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Professional Development Coach
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We used the term "professional development coach" first in print in the nation in 1986 when we predicted that business - executive - entrepreneurial coaching was a coming trend. Since that time, an entire industry has evolved. There was an interesting thing about business - career - executive - entrepreneurial coaches at that time; anyone could call themselves one. There were no professional registrations, competency exams, certifications or specific  requirements and that many coaches had no training, experience or professional background to equip them to be coaching anyone. Unfortunately, many people attempting to coach others didn't even have a viable business or career themselves. As one pundit said, "all they can really do is coach you out of your money."

Our suggestion, should you wish to have a business, career or life coach, is that you select someone with a proven background of experience and a track record of successful clients.

In the incubator programs, the professional development coach is our Director of Research, C. Dean Kring. Since 1977, Dean has worked with thousands of people to guide them to successful businesses, fulfilling careers and happy lives.

Dean's clients have won virtually every award and recognition in Houston for business growth.

It was also Dean who conclusively proved that a professional development coach is a valuable component within business incubators to effectively grow companies and build careers. That's why the incubator programs also include a Mentor, an Advisory Board and a structured development methodology to teach you in the best manner in which you can learn the things you are to know and do in order to obtain the future you deserve.

Dean sometimes works with a very limited number of select clients exclusive of the incubator programs. To learn more, send an email to service@servicesca.org with Coach/Mentor in the subject line.

Dean will have you excel in your professional environment and will work with you online, via phone or in person.


"Dean Kring was a great help to me." Jim McIngvale, Owner, Gallery Furniture - Emerging Business Owner of the Year 1988

"With much thanks for a 'Great' Beginning!" Alicia Hudson, President, N.A.N.N.I., Inc. - Houston 100 Company 1996

"I learned a lot from you." Chris Rogers, Novelist - President N.A.W.B.O. 1989-1990 -  Federation of Houston Professional Women "Woman of Excellence" 2000

"Even when I doubted I could measure up, there you were still cheering me on." Joan Garbo, Owner, Joan Garbo & Associates.

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