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C. Dean Kring, Director of Research
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Executive Director of Services Cooperative Association, Director of Research for the Centers (Entrepreneurial Development, Womens Business, Software Business, Product Development, International Business, Start-Up, Residency, Virtual and Incubator Self-Sufficiency Group), President and CEO of Emerging Business Centers, Inc.

In 1976, after 15 years in "Corporate America," Mr. Kring chaired a private industry committee in order to determine future standards and forecast new methods for hydrocarbon exploration.  At that time he made the correlation that our nation's greatest energy resource was its entrepreneurial energy, not hydrocarbon, nuclear, solar, wind or water.  Consequently, he started an independent research and consulting practice in entrepreneurial education for emerging companies to minimize the loss of national resource that occurs when companies go out of business before adding positive energy of employment and tax contributions to the economic mainstream.  During this process, he defined the methodology to have emerging companies grow faster and stronger with significantly less expenditure of startup capital.  The methodology is called business incubation.  Mr. Kring "is recognized by the National Business Incubation Association as an industry leader and pioneer in business incubation" and is credited with having the first emerging business development practice in the United States. A few recommendations.

Since 1977, a partial listing of related activities include:

Mr. Kring serves as Advisor, Professional Development Consultant, Mentor, Business Coach and Guide to individuals, managers and chief executives of both not-for profit and for-profit enterprises and business incubators, small and large. For non-professional activities, Mr. Kring's interests range from being Charter Member #2 of the Houston MG Car Club (founded 1971) to previous membership in Knife and Fork Club (founded 1947) and American Mensa (founded 1951).    

 For information about Mr. Kring appearing as the speaker for your group, please click here or contact the business office
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"Mr. Kring's presentation at our annual conference was educational, entertaining and inspiring."
California Business Incubation Network

For immediate response about the  Structured Development Methodology for incubators,
resident companies and entrepreneurs, send e-mail to:
Emerging Business Centers

"Entrepreneurship spoken here!"

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Services Cooperative Association
Houston, Texas 77055
email: service@servicesca.org
Skype: dean.kring

For more information about this site, contact:  Yvonne A. Ybarra ~ a Womens Business Center Graduate Company.

A few of the awards and letters of appreciation given.

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