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Business or Career Advisor

I've been advising business owners and career professionals for more than 40 years.

My industry is business incubation.

I am Director of Research for the oldest incubator in Texas, which I founded.

My business-owner clients have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston, some nationally and some, even internationally.

My professional clients have ranged from entry level to senior executives in the largest corporations in the United States.

I also founded the first Womens Business Center in the nation. In a 5 year period 6 women were honored as "Women of Excellence" by the prestigious and powerful Federation of Houston Professional Women.

My clients span the globe. Some of my client relationships have lasted decades because I consistently provide exceptional value. I've the skills to keep clients mindful of things to be done, knowledgeable of how to do them, and inspired to get them accomplished.

Let's see if my skill sets would be appropriate for your plans, goals and ambitions. Yes, I charge a fee for the interview and should you not be completely satisfied after our introductory session, your fee will be declined.


If you have been referred to me or have already had a session with me and have decided you wish to work with me on an ongoing basis,  my suggestion is a one year engagement with:
1) An Engagement Fee of $_________ to commence.
2) A monthly Progress Fee of $_______ to keep you moving forward.
3) A 5% Royalty Interest in your salary or revenue growth above where you are now.
4) A 5% Performance Bonus when you reach an annual salary or revenue target.  You set this target amount. Make it the home run for your goals, aspirations and ambitions.

Email me these numbers suitable to you and I'll send you a simple, 1 page agreement for us to get started.

With this agreement,  I'm available to you 24/7 and we'll have a scheduled Professional Development Advisory of 1 to 2 hours each week on the 1st, 3rd & 4th week of each month via video conference, telephone or in person with a minimum contract period of 1 year.

More about C. Dean Kring
Some past clients
Some endorsements

"When you are skilled, those who buy on price are not your market, those who buy on results are."

What people say:

"Dean Kring was a great help to me." Jim McIngvale, Owner, Gallery Furniture -  Emerging Business Owner of the Year 1988

"With much thanks for a 'Great' Beginning!"
Alicia Hudson, President, N.A.N.N.I., Inc. - Houston 100 Company 1996

"I learned a lot from you." Chris Rogers, Novelist - President N.A.W.B.O. 1989-1990 -  Federation of Houston Professional Women "Woman of Excellence" 2000

"Even when I doubted I could measure up, there you were still cheering me on."
Joan Garbo, Owner, Joan Garbo & Associates.

Certainly worth my time and money." Cynthia Shaiu, Commercial Attaché, Taipei Economic And Cultural Office. Now Director of U.S. And Canada.

"The success levels I've achieved could not have been reached without your assistance." Cyndi Gutierrez, Owner, Art & Frame.

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