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Our Basis For Fees

Our early days of business incubation (1977) were exciting and rewarding. It was such a new concept, with such vast potential as an effective economic development tool for our nation's greatest energy resource; entrepreneurial energy. This became even more so when we commenced our Business Co-Op (SCA) in 1983 and our first business incubator (EDC) in 1985.

We were pioneers in the industry and shared the things we were discovering, testing, inventing and perfecting, freely.

However, five situations, repeated numerous times, had us stop our free sharing.

We've given you the "short" versions here:

#1) People were selling the tools and procedures we had given them, without even acknowledging that we were the creators. For instance, it was such a disappointment to us when we were sent copies of our exact contracts and informed they had been purchased from 3rd parties to whom we had given them to at no charge.

#2) People often "camped out" with us for days, weeks and even months to observe our processes, then, after our training, sold their services as consultants, based on what we had taught them.

#3) Our correlation that only a very, very small percentage of those having spent time with us on a free basis actually went on to open business incubators, while a much higher percentage of those who paid us fees opened incubators.

#4) Those in "no budget" sectors expressing poverty while those in "have budget" sectors promptly retained us and, more importantly, implemented the tools, procedures and information we provided much more rapidly.

#5) Incubators, across the nation, operated as "charity" programs having a dismal success rate of creating viable client businesses with the only "statistical employment" generated being incubator staff.

Over the years we have supplied a vast treasure of incubation information on our website and it's our pleasure to do so. In the event you require additional assistance, please select from the options shown. And, yes, of course, we maintain complete client confidentiality should that be required of your expenditure.

Incubator Consulting:

"When you are skilled, those who buy on price are not your market.
Those who buy on results are."

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