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I've been mentoring business owners and career professionals for more than 40 years.

My industry is business incubation.

I am Founder and Director of Research for the first business incubator in Houston - which became the oldest business incubator in Texas.

I also founded the first Womens Business Center in the nation and, in a 5 year period, 6 of the women I was working with were honored as "Women of Excellence" by the prestigious and powerful Federation of Houston Professional Women.

My most recent project for all the contemporary nomad, device connected start-up entrepreneurs (where physical office space is neither wanted or needed) is the first Virtual Incubation Program in the world.

My business-owner clients have won essentially every award for business growth in Houston, some nationally, some even internationally and they continue to do so, with the most recent being a former client achieving Inc. 5000 recognition, again, in August of 2018.

My career clients have ranged from entry level candidates to executives in the largest corporations in the United States to sole practitioners enhancing their professional positions.

My clients span the globe and some of my client relationships have lasted decades because I consistently provide exceptional value with the special skills to keep clients mindful of things to be done, knowledgeable of how to do them, and motivated to get them accomplished.

Let's see if my abilities would be an appropriate fit for your plans, goals and ambitions.

For no fee I'll be delighted to answer any questions you have regarding mentoring and how we might work together. However, should you be seeking specific advice regarding advancement of your business, career or practice, the significant call volume activity being consistently generated on this page necessitates a preliminary screening fee and I'll consult with you at the rates shown with no contract required. Make your selection from the schedule below and connect on Skype (ID is dean.kring) or call me at 713.932.7495.

Your fee is not processed should you not be completely satisfied at the close of our session.

Preliminary Consultation Fee

Should you wish specific examples of how you will progress under my mentoring, schedule an Entrepreneurial/Intrapreneurial Assessment and we'll review your individual resources, aptitude and attributes for the process and discuss your opportunities in complete detail.

If you have been referred to me or have already had a mentoring session with me and have decided you wish to work with me on an ongoing basis, my requirement is a one year engagement, with
1) A Commitment Fee of $1,000.00 to commence.
2) A monthly Retainer Fee of $100.00 to keep your attention focused on what's to be achieved.
3) A 5% Royalty Interest in your salary or revenue growth above where you are presently.
4) A 5% Performance Bonus when you reach an annual salary or revenue target. You set this target amount. Make it worthy of you - the home run for your goals, aspirations and ambitions.

Make your payent of the Commitment Fee here, then email me the number for your Performance Bonus Level and I'll send you a simple, 1 page Mentoring Agreement for us to get started. With this agreement,  I'm available to you 24/7 and we'll have a scheduled Professional Development Advisory of 1 to 2 hours each week in person or via video conference or telephone.

By the way, did you know that 93% of the world's richest people have a mentor? Now, isn't that interesting? View the video about selecting a mentor here.

Need further information before you make a decision?  Please check me out on the world wide web and review these links:
C. Dean Kring ~ past clients and endorsements.             

A few of the awards and letters of appreciation given.

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