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Extraordinary Attention to Clients
A complete guide to business incubation!

Starting and operating without grants, gifts, donations, contributions or tax-funding.

C. Dean Kring has been operating the Entrepreneurial Development Center (Texas's oldest business incubator) since 1985, as a private sector small business development group.

His clients have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston, some nationally and some even internationally.

He founded the Incubator Self-Sufficiency Group in 1995, in response to the
growing need in the industry toward self-funding and self-sufficiency.

He is the most tenured owner/operator/manager in the
National Business Incubation Association and is
"recognized as an industry leader and pioneer in small business incubation." NBIA - 1990

He provides consulting services to incubator developers around the globe.

Please go here if you wish to retain Mr. Kring to assist with your incubator/accelerator.

A few of the topics:

  • Raising capital to fund the incubator vs. funding it yourself.
  • Site selection.
  • Enrolling the community to support and participate in incubator operations.
  • Selecting Business Mentors and Advisory Board members.
  • Selecting a Steering Committee and Executive Committee.
  • Starting a seed fund.
  • Attracting and screening prospects.
  • Selecting clients.
  • Offering resident (on site) and remote (off site) development programs.
  • Applying the development methodology to accelerate business growth.
  • Example contracts: Incubator - Client; Incubator - Advisor/Mentor; Mentor - Client.
  • Complete policies, procedures and forms.
  • Everything needed to operate a successful business incubator without public funding.

This comprehensive guide is $250.00. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

To make your purchase by credit card use the PayPal button below.

For qualified business owners/development/investment groups,
you may obtain a license to the exclusive
Entrepreneurial Development Program for $25,000.00,
which includes complete training.

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