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There’s a way to accelerate your business growth.
(Women business owners, click here.)

Your success is the result of knowing what to do, how to do it and when. And then doing it. Yet emerging businesses seldom have the answers or resources for all situations.

Cash shortages. Sales slumps. Problems. They are facts you face in running your own business. They divert your energy, drain your resources and chop away at your self-esteem.

When the business owner is overwhelmed by these threats, the venture suffers, sometimes fails.

Here’s how we can help: The EDC offers critical guidance to uncover your golden niche in the marketplace and to accelerate your venture to a new level of economic success by providing the resources you lack, plus a great working environment, financing, business planning, and proven marketing strategies, just to name a few.

We apply a simple scientific method: Learn by doing. We ourselves are entrepreneurs. Our research team studies the successes of other entrepreneurs. From our experience and research we’ve discovered which strategies work, which don’t...

You can tough it out alone . . . or you can use our expertise to grow your business faster, easier, stronger.

The first step is easy: Call us. You’ll be invited to visit our Friday Forum, talk with our Director of Research, our advisors, to the other business owners in the business incubator and
.. join them at a business development breakfast.

What will you discover? It’s a tough program and it works. We’ve been doing this longer than anyone else in Texas. Our clients, who were once business owners getting started, just. ..like you, have won virtually every award for growth in Houston.

It's not magic. It's methodology and it will work for you!

Call today: 713-932-7495
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