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We've Something Special For You!
Honoring Houston's diversity of networking groups.

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Please join us as we celebrate 37 years!

Featured Speaker:

Motivational Speaker:

Business Showcase:

Conducting the Meeting:

Chapter President, Services Cooperative Association

"Recognizing Services Cooperative for 37 Years of Service to Houston"

Honored Guests ~ Members of Houston's many Networking Groups (Meetups also invited)!

Breakfast ~ 7:30 to 9:00 AM ~ registration starts at 7:00 AM
Register here:

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Should you be a member of a Houston networking/business development group and attending to introduce the group
please send us your group logo and link to the website so we may put that contact information in the directory
on the Houston Proud page after you register to attend.

More than 65,637 people have attended, with
45,010 tips, leads, referrals, items of new business reported,
generating revenues of over one billion dollars!

Co-Op companies have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston, some nationally, some
even internationally and have held positions of leadership in organizations too numerous to include here.

We're not a charity, we don't have our hand out and we are certainly NOT your tax dollars at work.
We are self-funded, comprised of independent business owners and career professionals assisting others
in market expansion, business development, entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial education and professional growth.

What you learn in 6 months with SCA will last a lifetime with your business!

More about SCA ~ Endorsements

Assistance? Sally Smart at service@servicesca.org
713.932.7495 or use our live chat!
Speakers, price and location subject to change.

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