38th Annual
BooFest Halloween
Costume Contest Breakfast

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
To be held at
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10001 Westheimer Road

Cost is $35 when prepaid before noon Tuesday, October 27th.
$50.00 at the door - Space permitting - Masks also available at the door for $5.00
You can be an Exhibitor, Sponsor or Showcase Business at this event!
Call 713.932.7495 or email Sally at service@servicesca.org for more information.

BooFest Breakfast # people

Boofest Specials (includes breakfast for 1)


Event Chair: Hippie Chick (AKA) Yvonne A Ybarra
(If you've never attended it's a riot. Adults only, please!)

Halloween Video from SCA Board of Directors
Boo there or Boo square!!

Prizes to date donated by:

$100 cash prize for best costume!
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Register, then send us an email telling us the prize you are donating!
Exhibitors to date:
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Sponsors to date:
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Scenes from previous BooooFests
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A reminder about costumes imposed by the host establishment:
While this is an "adult only" event, the host establishment insists
that costumes must be in good taste, full or partial nudity
is not permitted and clear plastic wrap
or paint as the only body coverings are not allowed. Sorry.
Should your costume not fall within these guidelines,
you will not be admitted and no refunds will be made.

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