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35th Annual "After Tax Day" Celebration
Innovation Showcase
Mini Business EXPO/Trade Fair

Who Attends:

Businesses Providing Products/Services To Consumers
Businesses Providing Products/Services To Other Business
Houston's Newest Companies, Hottest Ideas, First Time Exhibitors
Emerging Entrepreneurs Seeking Funding
Companies Doing Well In Houston Returning To Community
Entrepreneurs Seeking Funding

Bountiful Breakfast
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Bring us your bright ideas!

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Beautiful Lakeside Country Club ~ 100 Wilcrest Drive, 77042
Maximum Exposure in Minimum Time
Wednesday, April 19, 2017 ~ 7:30 to 10:30 AM

Featured Speakers:
Overcoming The Squeeze
~ Jerry Cooper ~  Services Cooperative Association
Fast Track To Freedom
~ Joseph Bradley ~ Coach J. Brad

Set-up at 6:30 - 7:00 ~ First come - First served for exhibit table selection

Setup not possible the evening before ~ Sorry

Seated Breakfast & Introductions: 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. ~ Give your unabashed intromercial.
Don't want a table? Enjoy breakfast, then browse the Exhibits!

Cost is only $25 before noon Monday ~ $30 after noon Monday ~ $35 at the door (space permitting) Buy here.
Show Continues 8:30 - 10:30 AM.
Breakfast for 1 & Draped Exhibit Display Table only $60.00
Buy Now!

Event Options

No breakfast & browse only $5 after 9:00 AM!
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Come see these exhibitors!
(As an Exhibitor, you can have your logo here!)
Partial Listing:

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Virtual & Remote Business Incubation
"Everything Except The Office!"

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Office Building Cooperative
"Another First for Houston!"

  • Draped Display Table

    • Featured Speakers

      • Introductions - Seated  Breakfast

        • 1st - 5th Place "Best of Show" Awards + 5 "Honorable Mentions"

          What people said about this show:
          "It was truly a pleasure to be a part of today's event."
          Eileen Hemphill - Dignity Memorial

          "Thank you for a lovely morning of valuable networking! The SCA
          event was everything we'd anticipated and more!!!"
          No Studio Studios
          Houston's Homeless Artist Coalition
          Tracy Abbott - Ecclesia
          Vikki Smedley - Center St. Ministries

          . . . the Trade Show was for me a very successful event. Two capitalists
          visited my booth, a new marketing avenue became apparent and a potentially
          lucrative opportunity to become involved in a franchising strategy
          may develop."

          Fraser Baker, Ph.D. - CAM-Admin Developer

        • " . . . loved the show. I made sales, added distributors to my down line
          and set appointments for some gatherings. Thank you, SCA!"

          Phyllis Norton - Easy Living

          "I enjoyed the event.  My purpose in attending was to retail product and
          give my business more exposure.  I did make sales to event attendees."
          Beola Baker - Beola's Unique Designs

          "What a nice crowd. I especially liked the planned introductions. People
          came directly to my booth when the breakfast was over and I booked
          four speaking engagements."
          George Sanders - Motivational Speaker

          "Thank you so for the opportunity.  The Annual Trade Show was my
          first exposure to SCA.  I had a lovely experience and found joining
          the group for breakfast as a vendor to be a valuable expenditure of my time.
          I did indeed make some wonderful and promising connections.  My tally
          yielded: 1 hot lead, 2 warm leads and 7 contacts that I look forward to
          building relationships with."
          Keisha Hunter
          PR Group Media

          "The Show as perfect for us. We made sales and also got some very good
          leads for future business. We'll be back next year!"
          Brenda Cummins and Mary Taylor - Sweet Scents

Special note to inquisitive minds: The last weekly email to 10,000+ will be sent Monday, April 17. Terms of purchase: No refunds once payment is received. If you pay and cannot attend, you will be given a one time credit for the Fall Trade Show in November. By making payment, you are agreeing to these conditions. Please do not make purchase otherwise. To verify identity: Please send name, company name, mailing address, telephone number, email address and PayPal transaction number to service@servicesca.org.

Extra Breakfasts:
(Please note: The Host Establishment charges us for a breakfast for EVERY person in the room
between 7:30 and 8:30 AM. Therefore, should you have staff or assistants or set-up personnel
in the room during this time, you will please pay for their breakfast.)

Please be aware this event frequently sells out rapidly!

For more information or reservations, contact Sally Smart at 713-932-7495 or service@servicesca.org


Next Trade Show is November - 2017
Early Bird Special only $55 if you register now.
Clink on the link that follows and enter payment to SCA for $55 with the comment
"November Early Bird" Pay by clicking here.
(No refunds for Early Bird Specials)

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