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Prior Advisory Board Members
Advisors to clients in the incubators have served with distinction in a variety of community organizations and have received a multitude of honors.

For instance, the Centers have had six Advisors selected as a "Woman of  Excellence" by the Federation of Houston Professional Women in a five year period. (You do the math.)

Advisors have also served as:

President of the National Association for Women Business Owners

President of the Financial Council for Women (numerous Advisors)

Chairman of the Women's Chamber of Commerce of Texas

President of the American Business Women's Association (numerous Chapters)

Chairman of the Texas Business Incubator Association (numerous Advisors)

National Top Ten Business Women of the American Business Women's Association.

President of Houston Proud

and many, many more.

Comments from prior Advisors:

"Services Cooperative Association, The Business Centers and Advisory Board, serving in concert, provide one of the most comprehensive set of services for developing, incubating and encouraging entrepreneurial efforts."
James R. Boles, Jr.

"I have enjoyed the things that I have learned as a member of the board. Many of you have been participants in the program and really know how to make a business succeed."
Vickie Manies

"I am honored to have had a seat at the EDC table and I thank you all for the many ways you have each added to my business knowledge while at the same time serving our clients and candidates."
Jeff Hagerlin

"I've enjoyed working with the Board and have learned much from them. Your incubator does a tremendous service to the community by helping entrepreneurs reach their dreams."
Cory Nelson

"I have learned and grown from professional men and women who I admire and respect deeply. I am grateful beyond words. I am and will continue to be an avid supporter of Services Cooperative Association because I believe in you and your fine organization."
Ann Stevenson

"I learned much from all of you.  The board gives much in the way of it's member's time, expertise, and support to the EBC clients."
Sharon Jensen

"Dean, you are a powerful example for all of us who are entrepreneurs. Thanks for your leadership!"
Sandy Lawrence

A. Rick Adamson - Adamson Consulting
Bill Addington - Enerva
Ray Arnett - Free Enterprise Center, Houston Community College System

Mike Atchinson - Management Counselors, Inc
Bruce Austin - Harris County Economic Development Agency
Steve Belding - Investment Banking

Rondalyn Baker - Moore, Reichl & Baker, PC
Ed Blair, CPA
David Blomstrom - NorthWest Financial Services
Jay Boles - Ford Audio Video

Laurie Breitkreutz - Laurie Breitkreutz Interests
Julia Bristor, Ph.D. - University of Houston, College of Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Tim Broad - Broad Energy Development
Becky Brooks - Brooks Marketing and Research
Betty Brooks - BHP (Americas), Inc.
Scott Brooks - Brooks Marketing and Research
Rhonda Broussard - QuestStar Bank
Bill Bryant - Web Strategists
Edward Burdzinski - Walter, Burdzinski & Company, P.C.

Linda Carley - Rid-A-Bug
Valerie Carlson - First Interstate Bank
Patti Carlton - Houston Community College System
Janice Cleavinger - Attorney
Michael Cole - Consultant

Nancy Parker Corwin - Corwin Interests
Drew Cressman - Equitable
Harold Cropper - Service Corps of Retired Executives
Scott Cummings - Symbios Capital Consultants
Dirk Cummins - Celtic Funding
Richard Curtiss - Attorney
Terry Deckard - Gainer Donnelly Desroches

Denah Duren, Ed.D. - Positive Living Resources
Kent Edwards - Prism Consulting Group HR
Tom Fereday - Lee College - SBDC
James E. Fuller - Epsen Fuller & Associates, LLC

Barbara Gammer - BRG Consulting
Joan Garbo - Joan Garbo & Associates
Larry Garrick - U.S. Small Business Administration
Valerie Green - Dean Witter
George Grimm, Ph.D. - Consultant
Cyndi Gutierrez - Art and Frame

Jeff Hagerlin - Good Answer
Vince Hamilton - Access Houston
Joyce Hartmann, MSSW
Royce Heslep - Diversified High Technologies, Inc

Eldon Hinds - York & Hinds
Christy Hitchens - MasterWorks Consulting.
Sharon Hobart - Nations Bank

Rick Holdren - Founder, Houston Angel Network
Devin Holum - Central Bank
Bob Horlander - Houston Chamber of Commerce

Bill Huff - Huff Consulting & Associates, L.L.C.
James Hutchinson, III - Attorney
James Imrie - The IBAS Group, L.L.C.
Charles Incaprera - Comp-You-Can
Natalie Incaprera - Starfish Ministries
Rita Irani - Attorney
Fred Jackson, Jr. - Best Solutions

Catherine James - Dixie Cullen Interests
Sharon Jensen - RM Trading, LLC
Dennis Johnson - Navigator Holdings
Gloria Kauffman - Nissi Care Homes
Jerry Kavalieratos - Consultant
Paul Kindle - Minority Enterprise SBIC
Eric King - Prefect Imaging, Inc.
Jacqueline LaCalli - The JRP Group
Jack Larks - Larks Engineering

Sandy Lawrence - Perceptive Marketing
Lindsey Lee - Bond & Lee, L.L.P.
Ron Lee - GBD Case, Inc.

William Leoniy - Consultant
Barbara Lowery - Forty Plus of Houston

Vickie Manies - Banco Popular
Deborah Meyers, Ph.D. - Concepts Four
Morrie Mayer - MMMayer Associates
Karl Maier - Houston Biz Starter
Kim Michener - Cameron-Newell

Charlie Montgomery - Startup Consultant
Chuck Mullen - Houston Inventors Association

Elaine Myers - Acquistions Consultant
Sylvester Neely, CFS - Unique Financial Concepts
Cory Nelson - Y2Marketing
Carolyn Newman - Audimation Services. Inc.
Kathlene O'Brien ~ Business Support Center
Mike O'Hare - BDO Siedman
Paul Oman - Protec
Gerald Parker - Excel Computer Corporation
Catherine Pemberton - U.S. IRS (Compliance 2000)
Monte Pendleton - Silver Fox Advisors
Wynn Pettibone - Management Consultant
Michelle Phung - Wells Fargo Bank
Paul Pond - Silver Fox Advisors
Jay Prasifka - North American Mortgage
Tom Price - American Venture Analysis

Sherrie Purvis - Pop Shots
Miquel O. Quintero S. - Metro Bank
Sara Raiman - Hypnotherapist
Laura Ramirez - Texas Commerce Bank

Jim Reid - Momentum Texas
Kamina Richardson - Drexel University
Mae Robert - Union Planters Bank
Edit Rodas-Caroll - The NLP Center of Houston
Chris Rogers, Marketing Strategies, Novelist

Scott Ross - Coast to Coast Financial Resources
Cathi Roumfort - Price Waterhouse

Rhonda Ryan, CPA
John Schwab - Treque Management
Mike Scott - TimeScan
Pat Slater - Forty Plus of Houston
Brad Smith - Investment Banking
Lou Smith - MIT Forum, New Venture Clinic
Georgiann Smith - Centrillion
Reardon Smith - Business Vectors, Inc.
Bill Spitz - Silver Fox Advisors

Ann Stevenson, RN
Tom Stolle - Applied Commercial Consulting Incorporated

Sally Stubbs - Photo Artist
Doris St. Cyr - Executive Mortgage

Doug Strahm - Oakcrest Strategy Group
Bobbi Taylor - Consultant
Gene Teel, DC - Teel Chiropractic
Russel Treat - Software Marketing
Robert Trenn - Investments - Service Corps of Retired Executives
Monte Tucker - WDI Capital Markets
Jamie Valencia, Sc.D. - Novi Enterprises
Lucinda Van Anglen, Pharm.D. - Imperial Medical, Inc.
Keith Ward - Texas Central Bank
Sarah Ward - Care Givers Select
Ken Welsh - Waukasha Pearce
Sandra White, CFP - Green/White Advisors
Diana Wilson - Touche Ross
Trey Wood - Alaniz and Schraeder, L.L.P.


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