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The Participant's Entrepreneurial Development Program includes a Mentor to assist with the "how to" aspects for  the next step in business growth and career development. A unique feature of the incubator program for accelerated business development is that Mentors also sit on the Participant's Advisory Board.

To learn more of the Mentoring process, become a better Mentor, or  gain increased awareness of the benefits of the Mentor/Mentee relationship, join our exclusive Mentor Forum.

Past & Present Mentors

Paul Barela - 1983
Owner, BMW Financial Group
Chairman, Entrepreneurial Development Center Board
Past Chairman, Texas Business Incubator Association

Catherine James - 1993
President, Dixie Cullen Interests
Past Chairman, Womens Business Center Board
Past Chairman, Texas Business Incubator Association

Marilyn Sander - 1995 
Chairman, Womens Business Center 
Owner, Proaction Careers 

DeanKring.jpg (571993 bytes)
C. Dean Kring - 1977
Director of Research
Business Mentor
BRG.jpg (75085 bytes)
Barbara R. Gammer - 2002
BRG Consulting

Kathleen O'Brien - 1993
Owner, Business
Support Center



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