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Marketing Strategy
(aka "Making the Cash Register Ring")


A successful strategy starts with:
1) What are you selling?
     a) What is new, different, unusual or unique?
     b) Is it something better, cheaper, faster or more convenient?
2) Who will buy?
     a) Who is the target market, user or consumer?
     b) Is it by age, gender, need, function, location or popularity?
3) How do you access?
     a) What method will you use to show and tell?
     b) How will you inform and educate?
4) At what cost?
     a) What is your marketing, promotion, advertising, public relations budget?
     b) How are you involved in the process?

A successful strategy leads to your company growing and being profitable and ends with you retiring in comfort when you're good and ready.

Call C. Dean Kring, our Director of Research, at (713) 932-7495 x 1, when you're ready to begin the journey and let's begin sooner rather than later.

The perfect first step is the Entrepreneurial Assessment of you, your idea and the foundation for your marketing strategy.

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