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First in name and first in the nation!

Founded in 1993, the International Business Center is a business incubator for fast-track importers, exporters, international business owners and those seeking to start or expand a business in the United States, open an office in Houston or open an office in a foreign country.

We pioneered "hands-on" entrepreneurial development programs to accelerate business growth for entrepreneurs in emerging service businesses by:
#1) the very precise design of a custom tailored development methodology exactly formulated for the unique resources, attributes and aptitude of the individual entrepreneur;
#2) an Advisory Board, Mentor and Professional Development Coach comprised of experienced business owners;
#3) replacement of the cumbersome business plan with the advanced Business Overview
#4) the convenient availability of virtually every resource the start-up business owner is likely to need in an environment conducive to rapid growth;
#5) a powerfully effective weekly Business Building Breakfast for networking, leadership training and business development.

The result is our clients have garnered virtually every award for business growth in Houston, some nationally and even internationally, and they continue to do so today.

The next step in the process is the Entrepreneurial Assessment® to determine if an Entrepreneurial Development Program® is appropriate for you.

You need not be residing in our incubators to gain the benefits. We were also the first in the nation to provide virtual incubation to remote clients, globally.

Should you already be in another business incubator/accelerator or working with a small business development group and not achieving the progress you think possible, consult with our Director of Research for guidance in the advancement of your business without impacting your existing relationships.

We don't enable. We EMPOWER!
"Transforming vision into reality, business by business."®
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What can we do for you?
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Other entrepreneurial development activities sponsored by Services Cooperative Association

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Should you be seeking self-sufficiency for your incubator, go here.
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