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Entrepreneurship Research

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Should you purchase you agree that this information is for your use only and will not be reprinted, distributed or made available to any third party not associated with your company or organization. You cannot resell this material. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not make this purchase.

This material is sold "as is" and no guarantee is being made that it is appropriate for your purpose or incubator program.

Please make your selection(s) below:

Original Study for Business Incubation
Published 1997 - 24 pages $29.99


Entrepreneurial Development Program Incubator Client Manual
Issued to each incubator client - 145 pages $49.99


A. Guide to Advisors
An informative "How To" for advisors and a "What To Look For" for those working with advisors or an advisory board - 17 pages  $6.25

B. Guide to Mentoring
An informative "How To" for mentors and a "What To Look For" for those working with a mentor - 12 pages ~ $6.25

C. What Was Gained From Advisors/Mentors
Summary taken from exit interviews of successful client companies graduating from incubator programs on their experiences with their advisors and mentors - 1 page ~ $6.25

Order any two guides for $11.25 and save $1.25

A. & B.

A. & C.

B. & C.

Order all three guides for $16.25 and save $2.50

Mentor/Consultant/Coach to Pre-Incubation Client
Contract defining pre-incubation assistance -  1 page - $49

A. Incubator to Client
Contract defining client development program -  11 pages - $99

B. Incubator to Advisory Board Member
Contract defining incubator relationship with advisory board member - 10 pages - $99

C. Advisory Board Member as Mentor to Incubator Client
Contract defining mentor relationship with incubator client - 4 pages - $99

Order any two agreements for $185 and save $13.00
A. & B.

A. & C.

B. & C.

Order all three agreements for $270 and save $27

Developer special:
Program Manual plus 3 guides plus 3 reference agreements for $325 and save $40.74


Screening Questionnaire for entry into an Entrepreneurial Development Program
3 pages - $15.00



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