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TELECONFERENCE:   C. Dean Kring,Director of Research, Womens Business Center.
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C. Dean Kring  C. Dean Kring

On this call we are going to provide you with the methodology you'll need to move your business forward.

  • Determining priorities.
  • Eliminating procrastination.
  • You'll have real time feed back on your intromercial so it conveys a sincere interest to your target audience.
  • With the Master Mind Focus Group for women business owners you have group support and a Mentor/Advisor/Coach.
  • Assistance is just a click away with a knowledgeable, experienced business owner.
  • All group sessions are online as our way of "Green Networking."
  • "There is no force so powerful as a group of like-minded women who are bonded in common purpose."

    The 4th Monday of each month
    4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Central Time
    Registration date

Wondering who C. Dean Kring is and what he can offer you?

C. Dean Kring has been conducting independent research into entrepreneurial development since 1977. Among his notable activities to test his methodologies and theories was the founding of Services Cooperative Association as the first business/entrepreneurial/professional development cooperative in the United States and both the Entrepreneurial Development Center, the oldest business incubator in Texas, and the first Womens Business Center in the nation, all entirely without gifts, grants, contributions, donations or public funding.

His clients have won virtually every award for business growth in Houston and continue to do so.

He was the first to publish "Women process information, assess risk, utilize support systems and demonstrate team playing skills uniquely"  which led him to the design of a development methodology unique to women. As an indication of validation, in a 5 year period there were 6 women with these incubators recognized as "Women of Excellence" by the powerful and prestigious Federation of Houston Professional Women.

Dean also was the first to publish that women were starting businesses at a faster rate than men, resulting in the federal government establishing the Women's Business Center program across the United States.

Dean was also the first to advocate that entrepreneurship could be taught, with the best teachers being those entrepreneurs who had started successful businesses, resulting in colleges and universities around the nation commencing entrepreneurial programs using business owners in the classrooms.

Dean also predicted that Houston would become the "Startup Capital" of the United States. Now Houston has had more business starts, since 1999, than any other city in America.

Dean was also first to define the presence or absence of the controversial "entrepreneurial exponent" as the chief contributing factor in the success or failure of entrepreneurial endeavors.  "There exists within some people an inherent quality; an entrepreneurial exponent. With it, the likelihood of business success is dramatically increased." This led to the theory for design of the Master Mind Focus Group methodology for women business owners.

Dean is "recognized by the National Business Incubation Association as an industry leader and pioneer in business incubation" and as leading "one of Houston's core entrepreneurial groups" by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Check out his complete bio here.


Master Mind Focus Group for Women Business Owners.

Every 4th Monday with an educational topic
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Central Time

Limited to 100 women business owners, please.
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