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First Houston Small Business Seed Capital Fund
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Established in 1989, First Houston Small Business Seed Capital Fund is literally Houston's FIRST Small Business Seed Capital Fund.

Supported by proceeds of 4 Services Cooperative Association annual events, the fund has invested in more than 400 startup and early stage companies in amounts ranging from $100 to over $10,000.

The fund is a private, closed fund, investing only in companies enrolled in Entrepreneurial Development Programs within the co-op's small business incubators and accepting no individual investors.

The fund is solely administered by the Executive Committee of the incubator Advisory Board and only upon recommendation of the incubator participant's Mentor.

This information appears as a matter of public information only. In the event you are not a participant of SCA's business incubator programs or an SCA Associate company, you cannot participate in this fund as either an investee or an investor.

If you seek entrance into an incubator program, your first step is the Entrepreneurial Assessment.

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