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Professional Development Coach
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Why "professional development?" This is how you present yourself in your professional environment so that you are appreciated, admired and respected by all those who come in contact with you.

Unfortunately, sometimes, even in the most favorable of circumstances, it is virtually impossible for you to do whatever it is you want to do just by yourself. It simply can't be done, no matter how much you want it, how hard you try or how important you know it to be.

When you find yourself in that situation, look to an external influence - a coach, guide, mentor or advisor.

"More than anything else I will keep you mindful of those things to be done, knowledgeable of how to do them successfully, and motivated to get them completed in a timely manner."  C. Dean Kring

Take the first step by calling today: 713-932-7495 x 1 or emailing Dean at


"Dean Kring was a great help to me." Jim McIngvale, Owner, Gallery Furniture -  Emerging Business Owner of the Year 1988

"With much thanks for a 'Great' Beginning!"
Alicia Hudson, President, N.A.N.N.I., Inc. - Houston 100 Company 1996

"I learned a lot from you." Chris Rogers, Novelist - President N.A.W.B.O. 1989-1990 -  Federation of Houston Professional Women "Woman of Excellence" 2000

"Even when I doubted I could measure up, there you were still cheering me on." Joan Garbo, Owner, Joan Garbo & Associates.

"The success levels I've achieved could not have been reached without your assistance." Cyndi Gutierrez, Owner, Art & Frame.

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