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Uniquely Houston Business
events, people and places for
starting - expanding - relocating - acquiring
your business

"For the past three years, Houston has created more new companies than any city in America."
The Economist - 06/23/2001
Houston did it again in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 (last year tracked)

CNBC study calls Texas tops for business! ~ Nancy Sarnoff - Houston Chronicle - 07/14/2010
Houston has highest level of entrepreneurial activity among ~ Top 15 U.S. cities according to latest Kauffman Index
Houston in Top Ten of Most Affordable Cities ~ Forbes - 01/11/2011
Houston in Top Five most popular cities for college grads ~ The Atlantic - 01/13/2011
Houston's Texaplex Advantage ~ David Winans - 02/18/2011

City Of The Year - Fast Company - 04/15/2011
Houston in Top Twenty-five Best Performing Cities - Forbes 12/29/2011
Houston  the No. 1 U.S. metropolitan area for corporate facility expansions and relocationsSite Selection 03/01/2012
Houston Coolest City in the U.S. - Forbes 08/14/2012
So much is available on the web regarding Houston being such a dynamic hub we've stopped including it here.

for starting - expanding - relocating - acquiring

your business in Houston

BCClogo.png (25883 bytes)Biotechnology Commercialization Center

BNIlogo.JPG (6249 bytes)Business Network International
Houston Chapters

BRGlogo.GIF (5469 bytes)Business Resource Group

lstlogo.PNG (14601 bytes) Center for Life Sciences Technology

ceo_logo.GIF (2891 bytes) CEO Network Partners

CBFAlogo.JPG (44731 bytes) Christian Business Fellowship Association

cng.PNG (8659 bytes) Christian Networking Group

COHOBOLogoNEW.jpg (112477 bytes)City of Houston Office of Business Opportunity

DTlogo.JPG (13207 bytes) Davis, Tuttle Venture Partners
DFJMlogo.JPG (6392 bytes) DFJ Mercury

Elevatingwomenlogo.png (34139 bytes)Elevating Women Empowerment Group
EBClogo.PNG (11537 bytes) Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company

Edc.gif (1297 bytes)Entrepreneurial Development Center
Houston's first and Texas' oldest small business incubator
Clients have won virtually award for business growth in Houston.
Some nationally and some even internationally
"An Industry Leader and Pioneer in Small Business Incubation" - National Business Incubation Association

prof.gif (5596 bytes) Every Friday Forum Lunch Bunch
Answers to start-up/expansion/relocation/acquisition business questions

eWNLocalLogo02.GIF (2759 bytes) eWomen Network Houston Chapter

EFlogo.PNG (8464 bytes) Executive Forum

FHPWlogo.PNG (28894 bytes) Federation of Houston Professional Women

fhsbscflogo.JPG (33891 bytes) First Houston Small Business Seed Capital Fund

Founders Space
Houston Chapter

GPClogo.jpg (12973 bytes) Government Procurement Connections
GoodwillePierreLOGO.jpg (638359 bytes)Goodwill Pierre
ghblogo.gif (16295 bytes) Greater Houston Business Procurement Forum

haslogo.JPG (9663 bytes) HAS Small Business Development

HANlogo.gif (2965 bytes) Houston Angel Network

abwa.png (9228 bytes) Houston Area Council of ABWA

haalogo.JPG (7735 bytes) Houston Arts Alliance Incubator

hbclogo.JPG (9324 bytes) Houston Business Cabinet
HBDlogo.jpg (8892 bytes) Houston Business Development, Inc.

hbe.jpg (36640 bytes) Houston Business Executives

HBJlogo.jpg (19501 bytes) Houston Business Journal

chron-new-logo.GIF (3495 bytes) Houston Chronicle Business

Houston CrossRoad$ Business Building Breakfast
Oldest in the nation
More than 44,000 people have attend these events

HEFlogo.jpg (22376 bytes) Houston Entrepreneurs' Forum
Organized in 1985 to promote entrepreneurship

herlogo.JPG (100955 bytes) Houston Executive Roundtable

hfcwlogo.JPG (2198 bytes) Houston Focus on Concerns For Women

HIAlogo.gif (5863 bytes)Houston Inventors Association
Inventors Helping Inventors

th_SpinningMoney.gif (20209 bytes) Houston Master Mind Focus Group For Women Business Owners

HMSDC_logo.gif (3984 bytes)Houston Minority Supplier Development Council

HNN.JPG (1552 bytes)Houston Networking News
Your Source For Business Networking

Houston Startup

htc-logo.gif (8203 bytes) Houston Technology Center
"Top 10 Incubators Changing the World" - Forbes Magazine

inhoustonlogo.PNG (10833 bytes) InHouston

IBC.BMP (60630 bytes) International Business Center Incubator
Oldest in the Nation

ITClogo.JPG (3824 bytes) International Trade Center

Kitchenlogo (67204 bytes) Kitchen Incubator

knthlogo.JPG (6648 bytes) KNTH Business Radio

LEADlogo.GIF (2064 bytes) Lead Exchange And Development

LDlogo.JPG (8224 bytes) Lemonade Day

MSClogo.png (34210 bytes) MainStreetChamber Houston

meetuplogo.PNG (2277 bytes) Meetup Business Groups

MCCUlogo.JPG (16264 bytes) Members Choice Credit Union

MBWNlogo.JPG (3517 bytes) Memorial Women's Business Network

MBAlogo.JPG (8191 bytes)Metropolitan Business Alliance

Metrologo.JPG (2650 bytes) Metro Opportunities Small Business Program

MBNlogo.JPG (2363 bytes) Midtown Business Network

MVGlogo.JPG (5470 bytes) Milestone Venture Group, Inc.

MPNlogo.JPG (5908 bytes) Minority Professional Network
MVPlogo.PNG (2872 bytes) Murphree Venture Partners

napwlogo.JPG (9838 bytes)  National Association of Professional Women
Houston Chapter

National Association of Women Business Owners
Houston Chapter

NEAAlogo.JPG (10994 bytes) National Eagles And Angels Association
Houston Chapter

NHPO.jpg (33505 bytes) National Hispanic Professional Organization
National Chapters, founded in Houston

nstalogo.JPG (3541 bytes) National Space & Technology Association
Founded in Houston

NBIZLogo.GIF (4808 bytes) NBIZ

nfplogo.GIF (9729 bytes) Networking For Professionals
nclogo.jpg (4602 bytes) Newspring Center

NVClogo.JPG (4593 bytes) New Venture Clinic

OwlSpark_color_FINAL.png (48820 bytes)OWL SPARK

BPWlogo.JPG (7242 bytes) Northwest Houston Business and Professional Women

pohlogo.GIF (4366 bytes) Port of Houston Business Development

PWNHlogo.JPG (8883 bytes) Professional Women's Network of Houston

pwilogo.JPG (1697 bytes) Powerful Women International

redhouselogo.JPG (13265 bytes)Redhouse Associates


RBBlogo.JPG (26142 bytes) Referral Business Builders

ReveilleClublogo.GIF (11106 bytes) Reveille Club of Houston

RALogo.jpg (8910 bytes) Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship
"#1 Graduate Program in Texas" - Entrepreneur Magazine
"#1 University Incubator In The World" - UBI Sweden

scorelogo.JPG (3443 bytes) SCORE
Counselors to America's Small Businesses

SCAlogo07032001.bmp (270056 bytes) Services Cooperative Association
The first co-op devoted to emerging business assistance in the U.S.
"One of Houston's Core Entrepreneurial Groups" - The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

sfalogo.JPG (2502 bytes) Silver Fox Advisors

SVogo.GIF (3181 bytes) Small Ventures USA

smartbusinesslogo-houston.JPG (13951 bytes) Smart Business

SATOPlogo.JPG (4786 bytes) Space Alliance Technical Outreach Program

springboard.png (5571 bytes) Springboard


STABMlogoR.JPG (11329 bytes) Start A Business Mall

SC.jpg (3779 bytes) StartUp Center

shlogo.GIF (5810 bytes) Startup Houston

STATION-logo-breakout-icon-300x300.PNG (15955 bytes) Station Houston

splogo.JPG (4292 bytes) Sternhill Partners

talkradiologo.gif (5632 bytes) Talk Radio

TIWHlogo.JPG (3948 bytes) Technology Incubator West Houston

TechxansLogo.gif (5118 bytes) TechExecs Network
National Chapters, founded in Houston

TABBlogo.PNG (9612 bytes) Texas Association of Business Brokers
Houston Chapter

tballogo.GIF (11577 bytes) Texas Business Alliance

TEWlogo.png (7752 bytes) Texas Executive Women

tvlogo.JPG (4715 bytes)Texas Ventures

TAHNlogo.JPG (3749 bytes) The After Hours Network

TABlogo.JPG (1425 bytes) The Alternative Board

businessmakerslogo.JPG (4823 bytes) The Business Makers

DClogo.JPG (23234 bytes) The Dover Club

TEGlogo.jpg (33846 bytes) The Executive Group

TiEHoustonLogo.PNG (32902 bytes) TiE Houston
The Global Network of Entrepreneurs

TMCXlogo.PNG (2180 bytes)   Texas Medical Center Accelerator

TXRX.png (5002 bytes) TXRX Labs

SBAlogo.PNG (12602 bytes) United States Small Business Administration

University of Houston Bauer College Small Business Development Center

VBC.JPG (73845 bytes) Virtual Business Incubation
First in the World!
vistagelogo.JPG (4254 bytes) Vistage
Houston Chapter

whbclogo.png (30000 bytes) West Houston Business Connection

wce-logo.PNG (9634 bytes) Wolff Center For Entrepreneurship
"No. 1 on the list of the Top 25 Undergraduate Schools for Entrepreneurs"
The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur Magazine

WAGClogo.jpg (40156 bytes) Women Are Gamechangers

WBC.BMP (35990 bytes)Womens Business Center
First business incubator for women in the nation

WBAFlogo.jpg (31410 bytes)Women's Business Assistance Forum
Monthly Teleconferences

Women's Business Center
Women's Business Center

logo-WBEA.jpg (7863 bytes)Women's Business Enterprise Alliance

WBFlogo.JPG (5948 bytes) Women's Business Forum

WVBCLogo.jpg (21310 bytes) Women Veterans Business Center

wrlogo.JPG (28139 bytes) Woodrock Company

YSLogo.JPG (3154 bytes) Yellowstone

zebeclogo.JPG (2848 bytes) ZEBEC Center

Houston Chambers of Commerce ~ Houston Area Chambers of Commerce
Consulates & International Attaches' ~ Business Associations With Houston Chapters

For Starting, Expanding, Relocating, Acquiring your business in Houston.

Tell us your Uniquely Houston Business people, places and events 713.932.7495 x 10
116 Resource Organizations as of 03/08/2017 and still counting ~ Your additions invited

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