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Houston Heroes Registration

     We are delighted to have you join us for this annual event celebrating Houston's Entrepreneurial Independence.

     You, or your organization, assists people in starting, expanding, acquiring, or relocating a business in Houston.

     You are one of those keeping Houston "The Entrepreneurial Capital of the World."

     Please send us your headshot, organization logo and URL so we may post same on the event page:
     http://www.servicesca.org/2017EntrepreneurshipWorkshop.htm and http://www.servicesca.org/HoustonProud.htm

     Need a current headshot? Contact Yvonne A. Ybarra at 832.397.9254 or yvonne@yvonneaybarra.com

     We've included some convenient links so you can quickly pay for your luncheon cost.
,    Some optional features should you wish to have a draped display table.
     Give a 1 minute Showcase Presentation.

11:30 AM to 1:30 PM

     If you are having difficulty with the PayPal button, please go here: http://www.servicesca.org/paymentssca.htm

     Display Tables are limited

     If you wish to invite people to this luncheon at a discounted rate, please use this link: http://www.servicesca.org/Workshop_Special.htm

     For previous Houston Heroes, click here.

Please register now. This special is for a limited time only and subject to change.

Proceeds benefit
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First Houston Small Business Seed Capital Fund

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